Meanings of 1xBet Markets and Bet Types

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3 Oct 2023 (EDITED 17 May, 2024)
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Betting can be an exciting and profitable activity if you understand the system well and know how to use all the opportunities that the bookmaker provides. However, beginners often need clarification, and sports betting seems too complicated. Indeed, it is not easy to immediately understand such a wide range as 1xBet has. In this review, we will look at the main options available on the platform and explain their meaning.

About 1xBet

About 1xBet

The 1xBet company is well-known in many countries. The bookmaker offers a top level of service, and the odds are among the most attractive on the market. You can learn about them and other attractive features in our detailed 1xBet overview.

The platform appeared in 2007 in Russia but quickly entered the international arena. Today, this bookmaker leads in many European, Asian, African, and Latin American countries.

Numerous advanced features and cutting-edge solutions are available on the website and in the bookmaker’s app. Also, the possibility of cryptocurrency payments is a distinctive feature of the service. Thus, 1xBet offers excellent conditions for comfortable and profitable betting.

What Are Betting Codes in 1xBet

Kenyan users can get promo codes for betting and casino games. During various promotions, players receive bonus points to exchange for codes in the Promo Code Store. Promo codes entitle you to a free bet, spins, and other perks on the platform.

1xBet Odds With Explanations

1xBet Odds With Explanations

At first glance, odds calculation seems like complicated mathematics. However, everything is much simpler. Odds are a numerical indicator showing the probability of the outcome of a meeting of teams or athletes, which includes the bookmaker’s margin. It should be clear to any bettor that a high level of this parameter indicates large potential profits and increased risks.

Some bookmakers set their quotes a few days before the event’s start but subsequently adjust them because, during this time, anything can happen: doping, injury, rescheduling a meeting, changing a coach, etc. Any change, like a flap of a butterfly’s wing, can ultimately affect the balance of power and, of course, odds.

Popular Types of Odds in Bookmakers

1xbet presents different systems for displaying odds so all users can choose the most convenient option. At the same time, the coefficient remains the same, only its representation changes.

  • Decimal. This odd option, multiplied by the amount of money wagered, makes it possible to get the exact profit level. It represents a decimal, such as 1.2 or 3.0.
  • American. This indicator has two options: plus and minus (+120 and -140). Everything is simple here: a plus quote shows the amount of potential net winnings in the case of a bet of $100. In other words, if odds levels are +120, this means that for every $100 wagered, the bettor will make a net profit of $120.
  • British. This value is often used in England and some other countries. The fractional coefficient indicates the ratio of the net profit amount to the bet you need to place to receive this profit. If the quotes show, for example, 6/2, this means that for every 2 dollars invested, the bettor will receive 6 dollars of net proceeds.
  • Hong Kong. As the name implies, such a system is used mainly only in Hong Kong sportsbooks. It is scarce to find it in other provinces or cities in China. Other bookmakers in Asia often use Indonesian or Malaysian odds, so you must be extremely careful. Of all the Asian models, this system is closest to the decimal and common understanding.
  • Indonesian. The Indonesian method is similar to the abovementioned American one, only divisible by 100. If, for example, -300 or +250 is indicated in American odds, then in the Indonesian system, they will look like this: -3.00 and +2.50. In the case of a negative option, this tells you how much you need to bet to win one dollar.
  • Malaysian. Such a coefficient variant always has values less than or equal to one. In the case of an unfavorable odds option, it shows the bet amount to receive a net gain of one ruble. For example, if a bettor sees such an option -0.2, it says that with a bet of $0.2, you can get $1 of net winnings if the forecast is correct.
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Meaning of Special Rates and Codes

Meaning of Special 1xbet Rates and Codes

On the page of each event, you will see different betting options. Each of them provides for its conditions and offers different perspectives. Carefully study the type of bet you have chosen to calculate the forecast correctly.

What Is the Double Chance in Betting

Double Chance is a great way to improve your chances of winning. In any game, there are three possible outcomes: the victory of one or the other team or a draw. Double chance allows you to bet on two selections at once, which makes the chances of winning higher than 60%. You bet on one side winning or a draw. In any of these cases, you win. Loss is only possible if that team loses.

What Is a 3-Way Handicap in 1xBet

Handicaps are bets at which a particular event in a match (for example, a team’s victory) is given a conditional advantage or lag with a quantitative value (for example, a +1 or -1 goal in football). If, after applying the handicap to the result of the match, the indicated event is held, then the bet wins.

1xBet Terms and Conditions

1xBet Terms and Conditions

The bookmaker’s rules describe in detail all areas of activity on the platform. The general requirements are consistent with the responsible gambling approach and highlight the dangers of gambling addiction. Among the main conditions of the service, we can highlight the following:

  • It is the user’s responsibility to check local gambling laws for themselves. The service is not responsible if the betting platform’s registration and use violates the country’s laws.
  • The service has the right to block users who violate the terms of use of the service or use it for fraudulent purposes.
  • The bookmaker can refuse to accept a bet without giving reasons.
  • By registering for the service, the user accepts the rules and undertakes to comply with them.

Before betting, read the rules, as violating them may lead to account blocking.

1xBet Requirements for Players

The bookmaker also imposes several requirements on users.

  • Only adult users are allowed to register on the platform.
  • Each user can only have one account.
  • The system prohibits people participating in this event from placing bets.
  • In case of suspicious activity, the bookmaker may request additional identity confirmation from any user.

What Is the Minimum & Maximum stake?

What Is the Minimum and Maximum 1xbet stake?

The service offers comfortable limits so users can bet even with a limited budget. 1xBet minimum stake is 30KES, which is affordable for all users.

The maximum bet is determined by the odds for a specific event. Since the maximum win cannot exceed 95000000KES, the maximum possible bet amount is calculated based on this limit.


1xbet Conclusion

1xBet is a convenient and client-oriented service that provides excellent conditions for betting and gambling. Numerous options on the platform allow you to have a great time and win money. However, successful betting is only possible with knowing the basics. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully study the rules of the application and understand the basic concepts to avoid annoying disappointments.


How does 1xBet work?
1xBet is a betting and gambling service that allows users to place bets and play casino games. The platform operates following the responsible gambling approach and promotes the principles of fair play.
What to do if the betting coefficient was changed?
The bookmaker calculates the bet based on the valid odds at the time of the bet. Further changes do not affect already placed bets, so do not worry.
How can the odds of teams in a 1xbet office be shown?
You can view up-to-date odds for different markets and bet types on the specific event page. Odds may change over time, so check for up-to-date information immediately before placing a bet.
Why are the ratios of 1xbet per football so high?
Football is a popular sport that attracts the maximum number of bettors. The 1xBet company supports football fans and allows them to earn the victories of their favorite team.
How does a 1 to 2 bet work?
This type of bet allows you to win on two event outcomes. Such a market is available for sports where three results are possible: an away win, a draw, or a home win.
What is the meaning of 3 way total in 1xBet?
This market, available for events with three potential outcomes, is characterized by high odds since the chances of winning are less than with two possible results.

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