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3 May 2024 (EDITED 7 May, 2024)
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With digital gaming gaining momentum, the world of online betting games and gambling has seen a notable increase in popularity recently. Today, we will share some tips about a really cool online game available for Kenyan punters who gamble on a well-known platform called Betika. The Aviator betting game is one of the best Betika casino games. In addition to giving players an exciting experience, this game gives them a good chance to win big. We’ll talk about approaches to the Aviator betting game to increase your chances of winning. 

We will also go over a number of helpful hints and hacks to improve your gameplay and raise your chances of winning.

About the Aviator Game

About the Aviator Game Betika

Imagine you are a pilot, and your winnings in the Aviator gambling game are determined by the amount of elevation you can reach on your aircraft. You must lift the plane to an altitude that is equal to the multiplier applied to your bet. Most importantly, you need to remember not to get ahead of yourself and stop the ascent at the appropriate moment. 


Below are some short characteristics of the game.

Game NameAviator
Game TypeCrash game
Demo version on BetikaYes


Aviator resembles сrash games in both appearance and gameplay. The main difference between the popular crash games and the Aviator game is that the winner is determined by the path of an aviator plane rather than by rockets. In this game, wagers are made on the height at which the aviator plane will rise before crashing. The player’s potential profit increases with the plane’s altitude. But it’s important to keep in mind that all bets need to be made prior to the crash.

  • If the airplane flies above the multiplier you have chosen to bet on, you will receive your stake multiplied by the multiplier back.
  • Your wager and stake will be forfeited if the aircraft doesn’t reach that far. While the game rules may seem straightforward, many gamblers choose to use an Aviator gambling strategy to increase their chances of winning.

Log In

Do you already have an account? Great – it makes it easier for you to play Aviator sooner.
To log in, find the “Login” button in the upper right corner and click it. Then, enter your phone number and password. You can tick the “Keep me logged in” box to not waste extra minutes every time.


To start playing Aviator, you need to register with the platform. It is a fairly easy process. Let’s review it in short. Follow up step by step.

Open the Platform

Launch the platform and choose to register. You can do it via the website or through the app.

Enter Info

Fill in all the required fields. Add your mobile number and password. Agree with the terms and conditions of the website.

Confirm Your Registration

Enter the verification code and finalize your registration.

Play Betika Aviator

Aviator Bonuses

Aviator Bonuses Betika

Betika does not provide a lot of casino bonuses. Therefore, you cannot avail of any bonuses for Aviator specifically. Keep monitoring the section “Promotions” to catch any promo offers if they pop up.

Betika Deposit and Withdrawal

Betika Deposit and Withdrawal

Betika offers a number of deposit methods you can use to load your wallet and withdraw your Aviator winnings.

Aviator Deposit

Deposit options include mobile money (M-Pesa and Airtel) and USSD. All these methods are next to instant.

Aviator Withdrawal

The same payment methods that you used to fund your account can be used to withdraw money. For withdrawals, KES 50 is the minimum amount. Your payment operator may incur extra charges on your transactions.

Consult your payment method provider for further details.

Aviator Stakes

Aviator Stakes Betika

Please see some information about the stakes below.

Stake Limit 

The bookie does not explicitly state the minimum and maximum stake for Aviator. We suggest that you use the live chat widget to inquire about the limits. They may vary over time.


The ability to auto-bet is useful when playing the game. You can set the plane up to automatically pay out when it reaches the designated multiplier with this feature. 

Double Betting Technique

Making two calculated wagers is the double-betting method. If you want to ensure a smaller but guaranteed profit, start with a low multiplier (maybe, 1,2x) and withdraw early. Then, aim to make significant gains by placing a second wager on a higher multiplier, like 4x. With this strategy, you are likely to strike a balance between risk and reward.

Betika App 

Betika’s developers created fantastic mobile applications. It’s easy for bettors to open new accounts, make deposits and withdrawals, avail of promotions, and get bonuses. They can definitely play casino slots and table games as well as wager on any available event via the app. You can download and install the app within a couple of minutes.

The app is available for Android phones only.

Promo Codes

The betting platform offers promo codes for casino games on an occasional basis. With a promo code, you can boost your winnings or get free spins on your favorite game. Keep checking the promo section and affiliate websites to catch your desired promo code.

Aviator Strategies

Aviator Strategies Betika

Aviator depends on your ability to time your cash out. The likelihood of winning increases as the plane takes off, but so does the risk of losing your wager. It’s crucial to maintain the balance between risk and profit. The double bet option is available for those who prefer a little more strategy. If you want to be safe and cash out early for a guaranteed return, you can opt to place just one wager. In Aviator, planning your cash out properly is the key to success.

There are several strategies you can use to play Aviator and win.


You can also use the Martingale strategy, one of the most well-known and well-understood strategies in the world when playing Aviator. The concept, which is recognized for being extremely simple to grasp, is that players double their stake following each loss, meaning that even with a single victory, you will at least break even. The Martingale strategy should be used with extreme caution because it can quickly become uncontrollable due to the exponential growth of your stake sizes. For those players who apply this tactic, we highly advise establishing a reasonable financial limit.


The Paroli strategy, also referred to as the “reverse Martingale strategy,” can be applied in Aviator by altering your wager each round based on how the previous round turned out. You keep your bets at the starting point (let’s say, KES 100) when you lose, but you double your bets when you win. Importantly, your bet returns to the initial amount after you win three times. This approach to bankroll management is more logical and structured, and it can help you during longer gaming sessions even though it does not guarantee wins.


The D’Alembert betting strategy is a negative progression system where players boost their bets following losses and reduce them after wins. This approach aims to balance out losses and wins by adjusting bet sizes based on outcomes.

It can be easily employed in Aviator, but remember to always set a limit on your bets and bankroll to avoid excessive losses.


Here are some short tips. In order to succeed in Aviator, you should develop a game plan and adhere to a strict regimen. Before playing, make sure you are familiar with the game’s mechanics and rules. In order to turn a losing streak into a winning streak, it is crucial to monitor small odds. Observing the match is also super important. Victory comes from a patient and strategic approach. 

If your luck seems particularly bad, stop betting since you could lose your whole deposit. Better yet, enroll in demo games without spending your own money.


We will go through a list of lifehacks that will help you win your Aviator game.

Do Not Follow the Tribe

Aviator is a popular game because it has a neat social component.

You can chat with other players and find out what multipliers they are betting on. Even though it’s entertaining, you shouldn’t use this as a gameplay manual. This is particularly true with casino games, where players frequently exhibit a herd mentality by bragging about their enormous wins. Instead of using Aviator’s social features to predict the outcome of a game, we advise using them only as a source of entertainment.

Go for Small Bets

When placing your wagers, think about going with smaller multipliers. The objective of this strategy is to put consistency ahead of big wins. Greater chances of winning are provided by lower multipliers, but the rewards might be small. For instance, the likelihood of an Aviator plane crashing before 1.4x is lower than the likelihood of a 4x. Therefore, using low multipliers of less than 1.4X is a safe course of action.

Turn to Statistics

Use statistics to guide your betting decisions. Examine the results of the last 50 or 100 games to spot patterns and trends. You can evaluate the dynamics of the game and produce more precise predictions by using this data-driven method.

Use the Demo Version First

With this option, you can play it with virtual credits instead of real money that you have paid for, just like in a real casino. You can still practice betting and cashing out to see how the game functions, and you lose nothing by doing so. 

To start the demo version, just choose “Crash Games” in the menu, select “Aviator” and click “Demo Mode.”

Set Your Budget Before Playing

Playing video games responsibly is essential. Set up predetermined betting limits before you start playing the Aviator game. Establish and stick to your upper limit for the amount of risk you are willing to take. By practicing this discipline, you can be sure that you won’t take on more debt than you can handle.

Employ Different Techniques

The player should adapt the game’s techniques, tactics, and strategies, selecting his own winning approach. Though you should always rely on your own knowledge, you can consider other people’s experiences. Try a different strategy to win if you are employing traditional tactics, and luck is lurking in the distance. Your winning strategy will not carry over into the next round once you’ve secured the top prize once. The game’s mathematics are set up so that the context fluctuates frequently and that the number generator does not permit consecutive double wins.

Do Not Try to Cheat the System

And last but not least. Platforms that offer Aviator as their casino option are fully encrypted. Including Betika, of course. This implies that your chances of successfully hacking the SSL-level encryption and manipulating the Aviator results are slim. It’s also important to remember that Aviator uses a unique type of cryptographic hashing to ensure that its results are fair and unpredictable. 

Play Betika Aviator

Aviator: Pros and Cons

Let us sum up and check the pros and cons of the game.

  • Adrenaline Boos
  • High Winning Potential
  • Demo Version Available
  • High Risk
  • Lack of Proper Strategy
  • Can Be Addictive

Adrenaline Boos

Aviator gives your online gaming experience a special kick of excitement. Imagine a single-engine plane taking off on your screen, with the multiplier increasing as it reaches higher altitudes. Wow! After placing your wager, you hold your breath while the aircraft takes off.

High Winning Potential

With Aviator, you can dream big, unlike with traditional casino games where payouts are capped. Imagine your wager being multiplied by hundreds or even thousands as the plane flies to previously unthinkable heights. If you win, you can really win big.

Demo Version Available

You can practice, become comfortable with the gameplay, and formulate strategies in this risk-free environment before risking real money. This algorithm guarantees that you make an informed choice prior to taking off.

High Risk

The result of Aviator mostly depends on chance, in contrast to games with strategic components. There is not much air for skill-based gameplay because the plane crashes at a completely random location. If you are a risk chaser, it’s probably best to avoid this game.

Lack of Proper Strategy

Although you can make use of features like auto cash out and double bets, the main gameplay is largely dependent on pure chance. Some players may not enjoy this lack of strategic control because they are used to games that offer more exact decision-making opportunities.

Can Be Addictive

This gameplay can be highly addictive. Always take care and gamble responsibly.

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4 May 2024
Updated 17 May, 2024
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