How to Register With ChezaCash in Kenya

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12 Jun 2024 (EDITED 14 June, 2024)
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When you decide to join one of the best bookmakers in Kenya, ChezaCash, you might need proper instructions on how to do it fast and without any obstacles. Spoiler: the procedure is simple and requires only a minute of your time. However, in the article prepared by our editorial team we will tell you all about the signup, login, and possible problems that might occur. 

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ChezaCash Registration

ChezaCash Registration

ChezaCash  offers its users several ways to register an account. The process is fast and requires minimum information from new punters so they can start placing bets without any long waits. Here we will explain to you all we know about the ways users can start the sign up process.

On the Website

One of the old-classic ways to register is to visit the ChezaCash site via a standard PC browser. What can be more convenient than that? Some punters find it simpler to observe the bookmaker’s platform on a bigger screen. So, follow the instructions below to start the signup procedure.

#1 Step: Open ChezaCash  Site

Visit the bookmaker’s site and click on the yellow “Register” button. You will be redirected to a new window with empty fields you need to fulfill.

#2 Step: Provide Your Information

Indicate your phone number and create a strong password.

#3 Step: Register on the Site

Wait for the code the system sent you and indicate it in the corresponding field. Next, your account will be created.

In the App

Another way to create a ChezaCash profile is to get an app and pass a fast registration via it. With the constantly growing number of mobile users it is no surprise that many bookmakers strive to optimize their desktop sites for smaller devices and develop applications to attract more customers who do not have PCs but have a great desire to test their luck.

  1. #1 Step: Tap on the App Icon. Take your device and tap on the icon. Then, find the yellow “Register” button. 
  2. #2 Step: Provide Your Data. Indicate your mobile phone number and create a password. Indicate your password again.
  3. #3 Step: Accomplish the Procedure. Wait for the registration code and indicate it in the corresponding field to finish the registration process.

How to Register ChezaCash via SMS

Another helpful option is to register via SMS. This bookmaker allows users to do it. It is very convenient because you do not even need the Internet. All you should do is to send an SMS with the text “WIN” to 29030. In the return message, you will receive the ChezaCash pin code you can use for authorization.

Reasons to Join ChezaCash: Benefits

Reasons to Join ChezaCash: Benefits

ChezaCash has several significant benefits that are worth your attention. We will tell you all we know about the advantages you can gain by registering on the ChezaCash platform.

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#1 Reason: Convenient and Licenced Platform

ChezaCash is an excellent choice; it has a wonderful and understandable layout, so even when you open its website for the first time.

#2 Reason: Multiple Sports Games and Casino Entertainment

When you are looking for a combo, ChezaCash is one of those bookmakers that offer a full sportsbook and multiple quality casino games. You can try all of them and gain an exclusive betting experience!

#3 Reason: Reliable Payment Methods and Local License

The ChezaCash brand is fully licensed and cooperates only with reliable payment operators. Therefore, punters can be sure their sensitive information is protected, and it is legal to play on the platform. Chezacash operates under the BCLB license and offers MPesa as a deposit and withdrawal method.

ChezaCash Login Account

ChezaCash Login Account

After you create an account, you need to enter your profile to access all the entertainment and proceed to sports wagering. The process is very simple and requires less than a minute of your time. Moreover, regardless of the device, the algorithm is the same. So, read our instructions.

  1. #1 Step: Open ChezaCash. Visit the bookmaker’s website. Click on the “Login” button to proceed.
  2. #2 Step: Provide Your Data. Indicate your login and password. If you indicated everything correctly, you will be logged in a second.
  3. #3 Step: Enter Your Account. If you have successfully entered your account, then you can proceed and fund it to start wagering. If not, then you need to apply to customer service.

How to Log Out / Delete Account

How to Log Out / Delete Chezacash Account

If you are finished for the time, you can easily log out of your account. To do this, you need to visit your profile and find the yellow “Logout” button in the top right corner. If you decide to delete your ChezaCash account for some reason, the fastest way to do it is to apply to support and explain your reasons for deleting the account.

How to Restore the Password

How to Restore the Chezacash Password

In case you have forgotten your password, the bookmaker knows how to help you because it is a common issue that can happen. But do not worry; the bookmaker knows how to solve this situation quickly and efficiently. Follow our guide below.

  1. #1 Step: Open ChezaCash. When you open the ChezaCash website, look up and click on the “Login” button. Choose the option “Forgot Password”.
  2. #2 Step: Provide Your Phone Number. Indicate your phone number and click on the “Send Verification Code” button.
  3. #3 Step: Create a New Password. Wait for the code and indicate it in the necessary field. Create your new password and log in again.

Possible Registration and Authorization Troubles and Their Solutions

chezacash Possible Registration and Authorization Troubles and Their Solutions

Wagering on the platform can be pleasant, but sometimes there can be problems. So, here we will tell you about the problems you can easily solve with the help of the customer service or yourself. Here, you can find possible problems with their descriptions and solutions.

Incorrect Data

One of the main problems that can occur during the signin is the information you indicate, such as login and password. If everything is indicated correctly, you will be authorized in a second. However, a slip of your fingers can cause an error in typing and inability to enter your gambling account as a consequence.

One of the possible solutions can be making your browser or device remember your data, so every time you need to enter your profile, the information will be indicated automatically. Another possible solution is to recheck the digits and letters you indicate while trying to log in.

Poor Internet Connection

In some cases, the Internet connection can be worse, and it won’t let you do some actions quickly. A poor connection can significantly influence the work of the bookmakers and, as a result, cause an error.

One of possible ways out is to check if your reception is stable and solid. Another one is to check if all your Internet bills were paid on time.

Technical Error

The least possible but probable problem is a technical error that occurs on the grounds independent of the user’s participation. You may see that one of the pages cannot be displayed, or some options are not functioning well.

You can only apply for support to customer care if it is possible. In other cases, you can find the email and phone number of the bookmaker support and reach them using any available options.


Does ChezaCash have a signup bonus?
Right after you register an account and make your first deposit, a bookmaker will grant you a KARIBU deposit bonus of up to 450%.
How long does the verification process take in ChezaCash?
The verification happens at the same time you register. After you successfully accomplish the signup, your verification is passed.
What do I need to register on ChezaCash Kenya?
You should be at least 18 years old. Also, you must submit true and honest information about yourself and verify your contacts.
Why is my ChezaCash registration not going through?
Registration requires a special code to be sent to a punter in an SMS. If the code expires, you probably can not sign up. You can read about all other signup problems and their solutions in our article.
How do I get the ChezaCash registration code?
During the registration you would need to indicate the mobile phone number. The bookie will send you an SMS containing a code. You would need to insert it into the corresponding field to finish the signup.

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