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23 Mar 2024 (EDITED 20 May, 2024)
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Promotional codes are used, and even frequently overused, by various businesses, including sports betting operators and online casinos. However, you shouldn’t neglect these gimmicks as they can carry real value, like the Paripesa bonus code. Read on to find out how valuable it is.  

What Is the Paripesa Promo Code?

What Is the Paripesa Promo Code?

A promotional coupon, voucher, or token is no longer a piece of paper you should hand to a bookmaker. It became digital years ago. The Paripesa promo token is a combination of letters, numbers, or symbols you should type in a designated field on one of the website’s pages. 

The coupon is the key that unlocks the gift chest on the gambling platform. It’s usually distributed to draw in new users, retain existing clients, or win back players who have left the site. What particular gifts can you get with a coupon? We’ll let you know shortly. 

How Do You Obtain Paripesa Promo Codes?

How Do You Obtain Paripesa Promo Codes?

It all depends on what type of Paripesa promotional coupons you aim at. They can be obtained straight from the bookmaker or through other reliable sources. In the first scenario, you might need to fulfill specific requirements; in the second scenario, you can do nothing special at all.            

Signup Promo Code

Now, what about obtaining other varieties of promo vouchers? Registration and first deposit codes are regularly given out free of charge as a marketing strategy to attract new players. You can pick them up on review sites and trusted online resources that specialize in sports betting.  

If you don’t have a Paripesa account, you can grab our signup code and apply it immediately. 

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Gain a substantial 30% more in your welcome bonus
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Promo Code Store

The bookie runs a store within the gambling platform. Promo codes are items in the store, and bonus points are the currency used to make purchases. But how do you obtain bonus points? It’s very easy to do if betting is your pastime. The necessary steps are:  

  • Register an account on the website or app.
  • Play for at least 30 days to initiate the crediting.  
  • Activate “Bonus Points for Placed Bets.” 
  • Collect bonus funds for your everyday activity.
  • Select “Promo Points Request” in the Store.

When you earn at least 100 points, you can go shopping and buy whatever you like and can afford. The extensive item range covers sports, eSports, and casino. Here are some examples:

Item categoryCoupon typePrice per code
SportsA free single bet on tennis 50 points
EsportsA free bet on eSports FIFA50 points
GamesA free spin in the 777 slot100 points

Paripesa: A Wellspring of Bonuses

Tokens are part of a large system created by the bookmaker to incentivize its customers. The well-thought-out reward system encompasses an abundance of sports and casino bonuses, cashback and refunds, loyalty and affiliate programs, and many other incentives.

Earning a hefty bonus from the bookie is a doable task for any Kenyan punter. To gear up, check out the Paripesa bonus rules we’ve described for you in another content piece.

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Gain a substantial 30% more in your welcome bonus
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Promo Code Varieties

Promo Code Varieties

Promotional vouchers take multiple forms due to brand marketers’ creativity. They may vary in how long they are valid, how many times they can be used, and what they entitle the holder to. Boons behind tokens may involve real money, percentage boosts, gaming products, and more.

Tokens serve as incentive tools in diverse promo campaigns and come in the following varieties. 

Registration Code

A signup coupon secures a better welcome package. You can insert it while filling out a registration form on an online gambling platform and enjoy the privilege right from the start. 

Deposit Code

Making a deposit is a prerequisite for this code to work. After payment, you’ll receive 100% or another percentage of the deposited amount as a bonus that can be wagered and withdrawn.   

Free Bet Code

This kind of coupon allows you to place a sports bet or take a spin in an online slot game without using your own money. If you win, the bet amount will not be included in your winnings.  

Bonus Game Code 

This token grants gaming privileges unavailable to other users, such as extra rounds or bigger prizes. Whatever the privilege is, its purpose is to give you more opportunities to play and earn.  

Individual Code

An individual voucher is designed to make you feel one-of-a-kind as it’s personalized, and no one else can use it. It’s a good way to thank a player for loyalty or outstanding achievements.

Exclusive Paripesa Promotions Currently Available in Kenya

Exclusive Paripesa Promotions Currently Available in Kenya

Paripesa coupons are not the only thing that can improve your gaming experience emotionally and financially. If you check out the bookmaker’s promo tab, you’ll discover exclusive offers in a generous amount. Moreover, fresh and alluring promotions are added on a regular basis. 

Kenyan punters are offered a host of bonuses, and here’s a taste of them to whet your appetite.

Booster Bonus

The company will significantly increase the payout if your accumulator wager wins. All daily bettors with activated and verified accounts can qualify for the bonus. If all selections in your wager come through, you’ll receive the reward within 24 hours.

Play only with real money.Don’t bet on Handicaps and Totals.
Pick 4 to 15 selections.Don’t use other promos and offers. 

The best part about this bonus is that you don’t have to redeem it, and the winnings will be credited to your cash balance right away. The table below shows how the payout will rise.

Number of selectionsMinimum required oddsWin increase

Turbo Saturday

The bookie provides a bonus not only on the first deposit but also on subsequent deposits made on Saturdays. The award is 100% of the topped-up amount, which must be a minimum of 1,545 KES to a maximum of 15,453 KES. All authorized and active players can claim the bonus. 

Fill out your profile completely.Don’t use the deposit for other perks.
Validate your contact details.Don’t engage in any other promotions.

You must redeem the whole bonus amount 5 times in sports betting before withdrawal, considering the wagering requirements below.

EventsBetsWagering periodExclusions
Pre-match and live matchesAccumulators with at least 5 picks and 1.40 odds or higher24 hoursHandicaps and Totals 

Sports Cashback 

The betting operator will enhance your profits if you win and compensate you if you lose. Your failed sports predictions are smoothed out every Tuesday with a 3% cashback bonus. The compensation is automatically credited to customers’ accounts at noon (GMT). 

Place wagers only with actual money.Don’t use other bonuses in parallel.
Verify your phone number and email.Don’t apply cashout on your wagers.

The promotion is valid for losing wagers that were settled at odds of at least 1.5 before Tuesday. Once you receive the cashback bonus, you must redeem it in sports betting.

EventsBetsWagering periodExclusions
Pre-match and live matchesAn accumulator with at least 4 picks and 1.40 odds or higherN/AHandicaps and Totals 

Minimum Requirements to Join a Paripesa Promo 

Minimum Requirements to Join a Paripesa Promo 

Each promotional campaign held by the bookmaker comes with a set of specific terms and conditions. However, there are minimum requirements for participation in the promo, regardless of its type. So, whatever bonus offer you choose, you have to match the following criteria:

  • Eighteen years of age or older.
  • Paripesa registered account.
  • Completely filled out profile.
  • Verified email and phone number.
  • Bonus offers enabled in “My Account.”
  • Participation in one offer at a time.
  • Payments not made with crypto.   

How Do You Use a Paripesa Promo Code? 

How Do You Use a Paripesa Promo Code? 

The standard welcome package for Kenyans on the gambling platform is a 100% initial deposit bonus of up to 11,800 KES. Our team’s registration promo code will grant you a solid 30% raise on top of that. Here are the guidelines to get and use the unique combination to your advantage.

  1. Copy the Code. Locate the letter combination of BBWIN on this page and click the button to copy it.
  2. Go to the Site. Navigate to the betting platform and select “REGISTRATION” to open the online form.
  3. Fill In the Fields. Input all your personal details and paste the BBWIN combination into the designated field.
  4. Make a Deposit. Finish the remaining registration steps, fill out your profile, and deposit at least 125 KES.
  5. Relish the Boost. Get your well-deserved 130% increased bonus, place wagers, and take the money out.
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Gain a substantial 30% more in your welcome bonus
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Paripesa Support Service

Paripesa Support Service

Whether you have issues registering an account, difficulty applying a coupon, or queries about participating in a promotion, you have one option: reach out to the bookie’s customer service. Depending on the problem, you can email the following addresses:

You can also shoot text messages via the feedback form and live chat found on the website.

To Conclude

Paripesa To Conclude

A few characters entered in the promo code area during registration can turn you into a customer with exclusive welcome package terms. Our promo combination will enhance your Paripesa signup reward by a whopping 30%, and your first deposit will earn you a 130% bonus.    


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