Stake Betting Review

  • Margin 5-8%
  • Cashout Yes
  • Live Streaming Yes
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25 Dec 2023 (EDITED 16 May, 2024)
26 Minutes to read
  • Vast array of promotions
  • Wide range of cryptocurrencies
  • Appealing VIP program
  • Live betting is available
  • Extensive casino section
  • No welcome bonus
  • No traditional currency is allowed to be used
  • Unusual layout
  • No mobile app
Bonus offer
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience

If you enjoy sports betting a lot and have been in the business for some time, you should definitely broaden your experience, which should not be too difficult given the vast number of betting sites available in Kenya. It is challenging to determine which online sports betting platforms are worthwhile, though, due to another issue brought about by this abundance. 

In today’s article, we would like to introduce you to Stake, a well-known sports betting website in Kenya and globally. This website enjoys a stellar reputation and is well-known for offering its customers engaging betting services. Nevertheless, by reviewing the website and offering our frank assessment, we hope to ascertain whether it is true or not. Let us get started right away.

Stake Bonuses and Welcome Offers

A fantastic method to improve one’s experience on a betting website is to take advantage of promotional offers and bonuses, particularly if you are new. With Stake’s wide range of bonuses, you will not have any trouble making money from anything you choose to increase the benefits of your activity. There are currently three pages on the platform with Stake promotions; however, it is disappointing that there is no Stake welcome bonus available. Still, these are our favorites. 

  • Weekly raffle
  • Conquer the casino!
  • The level up
  • Refer and earn extra commission 
  • The sky is the limit

Promo Codes

Stake is one of those rare betting platforms that still accepts promo codes. Although there is no promo code shop or anything like that on the website itself, Stake promo codes are available online on various websites and resources. 

These coupon codes can provide you with various gifts, including bonuses and other promotions. When searching for codes, avoid visiting dubious websites and unreliable sources. 

Platform Usability and Functionality

Stake Platform Usability and Functionality

It is indisputable how important it is for a website to have excellent usability and functionality. Unfortunately, far too many chaotic and disorganized sports betting websites are available in Kenya, making it challenging to have a successful betting experience. 

Stake, though, appears to be really intriguing. This platform has a very unusual design and is not laid out like other websites. Is it easy to use and navigate, though? That is something we have yet to discover.

Ease of Registration and Login

Two primary steps must be completed when visiting the website for the first time and willing to become a member of the bookmaker’s community to benefit from its services: registering and logging in. Other than supplying some personal data and proving your identity, they do not need anything specific from you. 

Simply click the “Register” button (which is blue) at the top of the Stake website to get started. To safeguard your Stake account, you must choose a username and password, as well as enter correct personal information in the corresponding fields, such as your email address and birthdate. Additionally, you will have the convenient option to register through social media. 

After registering on the website, you must complete the login procedure to enter your profile. To begin, click on the “Sign In” button. Then, enter your password and provide your email address or username to complete the operation. 

We wholeheartedly concur that these two procedures are incredibly simple and convenient, as they can both be completed quickly and effortlessly.


As we previously mentioned, Stake is set up extremely differently than other online bookmakers. Online sportsbooks typically use the traditional layout, which consists of two panels—one on the left, one at the top—with the list of events currently taking place in the middle. Stake, however, decided to give it a slightly different appearance by centering the various website sections, such as the “Casino” and “Sports” sections. You must first navigate to one of these two sections to view the list of games or sports because the website is divided into these two distinct categories.

Users can access other arbitrary website areas, like the blog or forum, using the left panel. 

Although this layout is unusual and may take some time for some users to get used to, we would not describe it as inconvenient. It can be difficult to locate all the necessary information and betting options, though, because sportsbooks typically do not have two distinct sections. In general, the website appears to be quite user-friendly since it doesn’t glitch, and its navigation is pretty smooth.

Stake Key Features

Stake has already taken steps to ensure that visitors will immediately recognize this site’s unique appearance as what sets it apart from other online sportsbooks. When you discover the other important aspects and attributes of the website, though, you will be even more taken aback. Let us examine them. 

  • Crypto casino and sports betting: Stake markets itself as a distinct cryptocurrency platform, despite the fact that cryptocurrency is already widely used by bettors and is not particularly novel. It prides itself on being a global leader in cryptocurrency gambling, offering some of the greatest sports betting and casino experiences for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is also the largest cryptocurrency casino globally. 
  • Extremely vast casino section: While the Stake website offers both casino and sports betting services, we could not help but notice how different and extensive its selection of casino games is. This section is well-structured and provides players with a wide selection of games, including contemporary slot machines, table games, and other casino entertainment. 
  • VIP program: Stake allows users to upgrade to VIP status, granting them access to a lucrative partner network. Put simply, users will receive more bonuses from the website the more bets they place.
  • Live betting: Although it is not as uncommon as it once was and can be found on many platforms, live betting is still a crucial feature of the website because some Kenyan bookies do not have it. A wide range of sports, including the most well-liked eSports, are accessible for live betting.

Available Countries

Stake Available Countries

Being a multinational platform, Stake can be accessed in many different nations worldwide. Since it is licensed in Curacao, it has a wide reach worldwide, and the Stake countries list is very vast. As of right now, the website is accessible from any location in the world where there are no legal restrictions on online betting or casinos. This includes all nations where online gambling is permitted. 


Stake is a multi-national website with a significant worldwide following. In terms of cryptocurrency services, the company markets itself as one of the most popular international sportsbooks. Given the site’s global reach, it is only fitting that it provides services in multiple languages, the most widely used of which are listed below.

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • French
  • Portuguese


In reference to conventional currencies, it is noteworthy that Stake does not provide an extensive assortment of them since it simply doesn’t accept any transactions made with credit cards or via the bank. Nonetheless, a variety of cryptocurrencies is available on the platform; the most well-liked ones are listed below. 

  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereun
  • Tether
  • Ripple
  • Dogecoin

Mobile Betting Options

We recognize that having a mobile application is crucial for any sports betting website operating in the modern world. Instead of being glued to their computers all the time, players can wager while on the go and have a more satisfying experience with mobile betting. Though Stake is a fairly modern website, it regrettably does not provide its users with mobile betting services, including a Stake app; hopefully, this will be rectified soon.  

Security at Stake

It makes sense to be concerned about security, as it is one of the most crucial aspects to take into account when selecting a sports betting website. 

Stake lacks a local license in Kenya and, like many other foreign sportsbooks, is licensed in Curaçao. However, this doesn’t make the website less secure and reliable.

The business operates under the large umbrella of CELEXPAR S.R.L. and only uses reputable and trustworthy payment methods. 

We can assure you that the platform is safe and only provides high-quality services, so you do not need to worry about your security there.

Banking Options

Undoubtedly, a successful betting process requires users to have access to a large variety of payment options when conducting financial transactions online. As previously noted, Stake bills itself as a cryptocurrency betting platform, which expands the range of financial transactions that can be conducted using cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency e-wallets. Let us examine the most popular payment methods offered by the platform for both the deposit and withdrawal processes.


You must first make an investment in your account to start betting. Selecting a payment option from the website’s selection — the majority of which are cryptocurrency — is necessary to accomplish this. This is a list of the most widely used and dependable payment options that are currently available to make a Stake deposit.

  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereun
  • Tether
  • Ripple
  • Dogecoin

It is important to keep in mind that Stake does not accept credit card deposits when you sign up for an account.


When the time comes to withdraw your money from the website, you will need to finish the withdrawal process. You are probably asking yourself, “How to withdraw from Stake?” It must also be completed using one of the payment methods provided by the website; however, since most of the withdrawal payment options are the same as the deposit options, you could just choose one from the list.

Online Rules

Although most bettors dislike rules, they are a necessary safeguard against dishonest behavior and other unforeseen circumstances on the website. Like any other online casino and betting site, Stake is governed by a relevant set of rules and guidelines that are in place to control user behavior, regulate the flow of money through the site, and safeguard the experience and safety of bettors. While not overly stringent, these guidelines are nonetheless significant, and users should take some of them into account before signing up for the site.

  • Since 18 is the legal age in Kenya to bet, all site users must be at least 18 years old. Stake reserves the right to prohibit any user who appears to be underage from using the website.
  • Each bettor who registers for an account on the website needs to supply certain personal data, such as their email address, full name, birthdate, etc. This information should all be true and correct. Stake maintains the right to suspend an account in the event that fraudulent data is submitted.
  • Each player is only permitted to have one account. Should you manage to open and utilize more than one account on the website, Stake has the right to close them all right away, keep your money, and prohibit you from using the website.
  • Maintaining the security of your login information is entirely your responsibility. Your login information is something you should keep private.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure that any money you deposit into your account is free of any illegality.

How to Bet

You don’t need to worry about not knowing how the betting process operates because we will walk you through each step so you know how to bet on Stake.

It goes without saying that you must first register on the website, which will ask for some personal information. To do so, click on the “Register” button at the top of the site. Once your account has been created, go to the home page and select “Sports” to access the platform’s sports area. It is then possible for you to select a sport to wager on and choose your bet type, betting market, and odds. 

After that, you can continue by filling out your bet slip with all of the details, putting in the stake amount, and confirming it. That’s all! 

Sports Betting Markets, Odds, and Lines 

Stake Sports Betting Markets, Odds, and Lines 

Now that the formal portion of our review is complete, we can review the platform’s more intriguing and enjoyable features, like the various sports and betting options it offers. 

We are confident that Stake offers a diverse array of opportunities, so you will undoubtedly find something of interest.

Popular Sports

You will not need to worry about the website’s selection being too narrow or unbalanced if you want to bet on sports with Stake. Conversely, there are a plethora of sports disciplines on the website, spanning from the most well-liked traditional sports to eSports and less well-liked disciplines. However, we decided to pick some of our favorites to share with you. 

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Rugby
  • Darts
  • MMA
  • Valorant
  • FIFA
  • Tennis
  • Dota 2

Betting Markets

Selecting a betting market and adding it to your bet slip on Stake gives you the chance to diversify and enhance your betting experience. Betting markets are incredibly useful tools that let you increase your earnings and change your experience to something more strategic and thrilling. Though almost all of the betting markets in the industry are identical and don’t vary from site to site, we would like to introduce you to these two.


This specific kind of betting market is mostly utilized for sports like basketball and football where draws frequently happen. The idea behind this strategy is very simple: a home win is denoted by the “1,” an away win by the “2,” and a draw by the “X.” To put it simply, you have to predict if the game will end in a home victory, an away victory, or a draw. 

Double Chance

Known as a two-in-one bet, the double chance betting market is popular among novices due to its ease of use and comprehension. You can wager on either team to win the game, the home team to win or draw, or both teams to win. Because this strategy allows you to wager on two outcomes, it is regarded as secure and valued by individuals who do not relish taking risks.

Bet Types 

Although there are far fewer bet types than there are betting markets, bet types are still excellent tools for enhancing the excitement of your betting experience. We would like to present you with the two primary options you will have to consider, as you will be required to select one for your wager. 

Single Bet

When you place your first wager, you will probably choose the option that is most accessible to beginners—the single bet. Using this option, you simply place a bet on one possible outcome of a specific event, making it a safe, easy-to-understand, and straightforward method of gambling.

Multiple Bet

Due to the fact that it consists of multiple selections, the multiple bet is frequently regarded as the opposite of the single bet. We should caution you against it though, as it can be dangerous and is not really appropriate for novices. You must win each pick in your selection in order to win your wager. You run the risk of losing your entire wager if you choose poorly on at least one of your options.

Live Betting & Live Streaming

Since it enables bettors to place wagers on their preferred sports in real time and monitor them simultaneously, live betting is a very dynamic and engaging experience. Gamblers are known to get very excited and happy about this kind of activity, which also tends to unite the community. 

The live betting feature is not particularly novel or unique because it is accessible on many platforms across the industry, including Stake, of course. We should note, though, that Stake does not, regrettably, offer the live streaming feature that often goes along with the live betting one. 

Virtual Sports and Esports

Stake Virtual Sports and Esports

In recent years, virtual sports and eSports have become increasingly popular among bettors and have had a significant impact on the local betting industry. 

In case you are unfamiliar with virtual sports, they essentially consist of computer-generated sports matches with random outcomes that you can wager on. Regrettably, Stake does not offer this kind of activity. 

Conversely, eSpors, which are essentially team computer games, are available for wagering through Stake. Here are a few of our top picks from the wide selection of those available on the site.

  • CS:GO
  • Dota 2
  • FIFA
  • League of Legends
  • Valorant
  • Overwatch
  • Rocket League

Online Casino Review

The Stake website is split into two sections: the sports betting section and the Stake casino section, as we have already mentioned.

However, we must note right away that the platform’s casino section is very impressive. After spending some time investigating it, we are confident that this is one of the biggest and most varied casino sections available in the Kenyan market.  

The website is filled with a ton of games, such as cutting-edge and colorful slot machines created by the most well-known and contemporary developers, traditional table games that will appeal to the more traditional gaming generation, and other entertainment and game options for players of all skill levels. Of course, the website also has a live casino section that features 63 distinct live casino games.

In addition, Stake features games created by the platform itself in a section titled “Stake Originals.”


Let us help you get a clearer picture of who is currently running the company and who is responsible for creating this website. Medium Rare NV, which was established in Curaçao and has an online casino license there, is the operator of Stake, meaning it is the owner of Stake which is Australian-Curaçaoan by origin. Ed Craven and Bijan Tehrani founded Easygo in 2016, which served as the foundation for Stake’s initial development.

Prediction Tips

You should acquaint yourself with various tactics and strategies that can assist you in having a successful experience from the beginning now that you are prepared to continue with your experience on Stake. Thankfully, our team of professionals took care to pick the ideal phrases for you as well as the best guidance, compiling it into a concise list. Feel free to browse through it and select the data that is most pertinent to you.  

  • Remain detached from your emotions: Sports betting and emotions are just not compatible. You should only trust your judgment and your abilities; otherwise, you run the risk of endangering yourself and losing both your money and your temper. First of all, emotions are a common source of addiction when it comes to money games. If your emotions take over, it could steer you in the wrong direction. Emotions can also lead you to make poor decisions due to impulsivity or anger, which is another way that they could negatively impact your experience. It is important that you maintain composure and control over that at all times.
  • Learn: Gaining knowledge and skills will benefit you greatly when it comes to your betting endeavors.  It is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the range of betting opportunities that are open to you as well as the various approaches that may enhance your gaming experience. Additionally, stay informed about the sports world and the goings-on of your favorite teams and players, including their personal and professional lives. Remember to study every game you watch to learn as much as you can about the players’ styles and tactics; this will help you make more accurate predictions about the outcome of the match.
  • Exchange: There is no reason you should be afraid to introduce yourself and speak with other bettors and professionals because the sports betting community is very big and friendly. Meeting new people who share your interests can make a big difference in your experience because they usually have a lot to share, such as unique betting strategies and personal viewpoints. By exchanging tips and tricks with them, you could pick up a lot of knowledge that you would not get from online guides. Many social media platforms and online forums make it simple to connect with other bettors.

Customer Support

Without a doubt, customer service is a feature that every betting website needs to have in order to give their clients a sense of security. Thankfully, users can access Stake’s customer support service every day of the week, day or night. 

Stake differs significantly from other platforms in a few areas, as you have already observed, and it offers incredibly distinctive and creative customer support. 

In contrast to websites that allow you to contact the company via email or form submission, Stake made the decision to implement a live support option.

By using the “Live Support” button on the website, you can contact the company with any questions you may have and request help from the staff.

Affiliate Program

There are numerous sports betting and casino companies that offer affiliate programs to their customers. By promoting the betting website and drawing in new customers, they enable casual bettors to become partners with the company and earn a little extra cash.

These programs are exciting and very profitable, but sadly, Stake does not provide any services that are comparable. Hopefully, the Stake affiliate program will be launched soon.


Stake Conclusion

In conclusion, we can state that Stake is undoubtedly a highly unique sports betting and casino website; it boasts a distinctive design, an intriguing selection of gaming options, and a plethora of choices for bettors to customize their experience.  

As we browsed the website, we were struck by how many cryptocurrencies were offered there and how well-regarded the platform is due largely to its position in the cryptocurrency betting market.

Although the website bills itself as one of the top cryptocurrency casinos and betting sites, we think it offers many other very enticing features, like a huge selection of casino games, a great number of lucrative promotions, and a wide range of sports to bet on.

We also value the site’s ease of use and lack of bugs, as these features are critical to providing bettors with a seamless and entertaining experience.

We covered the majority of the site’s features in this post, but if you still have questions, please see our FAQ section below.

Stake No Welcome Bonus Yes Yes Link
MozzartBet 1000% Yes No Link
BetKing No Yes No Link
1xBet 20.000 KES Yes Yes Link


What is
It is an online crypto betting and casino website.
How easy is it to withdraw winnings from Stake?
If you’re at ease with crypto wallets, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.
How is Stake’s Customer Service?
Stake’s customer service is very responsive and can be easily accessed via the site.
Is there a promo code?
There are numerous codes you can find online.

5 / 5. 1

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