CyberBet Kenya

  • Margin 8-11%
  • Cashout No
  • Live streaming No
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20 Dec 2023 (EDITED 27 June, 2024)
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Attention! Unfortunately, Cyberbet users can no longer place bets on sports. However, they offer a full range of casino games and entertainment.

  • Wide array of eSports to bet on
  • Mobile application available
  • Generous welcome offer
  • Numerous bonuses
  • Vast range of payment methods 
  • Live betting services are accessible
  • Casino section available
  • No live streaming services
  • Lacks a cash out option
  • No virtual sports betting
  • iOS app is not available
Bonus offer
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience

The influence of technology on the sports betting industry is already well-known to many bettors, particularly those who were born after 2000. The betting industry has completely changed and evolved into a new form of entertainment due to the introduction of innovations into our society. New platforms and disciplines have entered the market. Without a doubt, the CyberBet platform is a prime example of how technology is affecting the industry. This website combines two of the greatest gifts technology has given us: a lightning-fast and user-friendly website focusing primarily on eSports and virtual games. If you’re not familiar with this platform, let us introduce you to it and share its best features with you.

CyberBet Bonuses and Welcome Offers

CyberBet Bonuses and Welcome Offers

It is common knowledge that bettors, particularly novices, value bonuses greatly because they allow them to enhance their overall betting experience. Bonuses and promotions are excellent ways to get off to a good start or increase your chances of winning. Speaking of CyberBet, there is no need to be concerned about receiving an inadequate number of offers because the platform provides a wide range of promotions for both new and existing users.  

Let us first tell you about the company’s welcome package. Simply by registering on the website and making a deposit, every new bettor has the opportunity to receive a 100% CyberBet bonus of up to 30,000 KES. Since it gives new players the opportunity to start betting with free money and enhance their experience right away, we genuinely think that this offer, in particular, is very alluring. 

However, in addition to this attractive and lucrative offer for new users, the website also offers a wide range of promotions for regular customers. These are a few of the most well-liked deals available right now.

  • Free 10% Cashback: Perfect Start Of The Week
  • Golden Dynamic Bonus
  • Treasure City Key
  • The Game-Changer
  • Adventurer’s Ladder to Loot

Promo Codes

Promo codes are no longer widely used by betting websites because the traditional form of bonuses is still more convenient and more widely accepted. Promo codes are still accepted at CyberBet, though, which is undoubtedly advantageous for bettors accustomed to this kind of service. These are simple to locate online from outside sources, like websites devoted to sports betting, and can then be added to your own profile. 

Platform Usability and Functionality

Cyberbet Platform Usability and Functionality

Let us now proceed to the section where we evaluate and assess the functionality and usability of the website. Even though the majority of users frequently overlook it, this is a crucial step in the betting procedure. You undoubtedly realize that no one wants to use a website that is overly disorganized with an excessive number of buttons and tabs; a great sports betting site should look professional, function flawlessly, and be easy to use—a quality that, regrettably, not many websites can boast. 

The CyberBet platform looks quite professional to us; it is well-designed and seems simple to navigate. However, let us look into the details to have a more precise approach.

Ease of Registration and Authorization

The organization of the registration and login processes is unquestionably one of the most crucial factors that bettors should take into account when selecting a betting site. It is only natural for these operations to be convenient for customers, as you will come into contact with them on a daily basis. 

While exploring the CyberBet platform, we remarked that both of these operations are made quite logically and in a user-friendly way. There is no need to search for the buttons for hours; they can easily be accessed via the top panel. 

In contrast to the login process, the CyberBet registration process only asks for a small amount of personal information, which will not make the experience any less comfortable. However, it may take longer. You will not need much time to complete either procedure, so do not worry about that.


Given how well it is organized, the website can be regarded as convenient and user-friendly overall. Here are the reasons behind our beliefs.

To begin with, the website is error-free and allows users to quickly browse through its various options. Every button and tab has its proper place, and everything is well-organized. You can find anything you need in a matter of seconds, and there is no need to search for it.

The fact that the site’s services and all relevant information are prominently displayed on the home page, making the platform’s resources easier to access, is the second reason we think it is user-friendly. The website’s sports panel is located on the left, and all other features are arranged from the center down to the bottom. 

Speaking of the bottom of the website, the company made sure that all of its official documentation and data were accessible to clients there. We have no option but to say that this is a wise choice that greatly improves website usability. 

CyberBet Key Features 

When navigating to the CyberBet website, you will naturally be redirected to its main page. There, you are able to view every feature that the bookmaker has displayed. Since the company offers a variety of services and is not just focused on sports betting, the variety of these features and opportunities is undoubtedly very fascinating. Here are the company’s main gambling services you can benefit from.

Betting on traditional sportsCasino servicesLive casino Tournaments
eSports wageringJackpotsLive betting Promotional offers

Available Countries

With its headquarters located in Curacao, CyberBet has operations in many different nations. The website is currently expanding and allows users to utilize multiple currencies and languages to make this process easier. With the exception of a small number of countries, such as the US or France, we could say that the platform is accessible in the majority of countries worldwide where betting is permitted.


Given that CyberBet is an international platform, it makes perfect sense for the website to offer its users a variety of languages from which to choose while taking advantage of the bookmaker’s services. By just clicking on the appropriate button at the top of the platform, users can easily change the language used on the website at any time.

The website is currently available in 14 languages, including Portuguese, Spanish, French, and English, which definitely makes the website diverse. 


As an international platform, CyberBet accepts a variety of currencies on its website, just like it does for languages. The four currencies that members can use are euros, pound sterling, US dollars, and Russian rubles.

Mobile Betting Options

It is safe to assume that the company has released a mobile app so that users can take advantage of the features of the website, considering how modern the CyberBet platform appears to be. The CyberBet app makes betting more convenient and mobile-friendly by enabling bettors to wager for free anytime, anywhere, on their mobile devices. 

You will not miss any of the services offered by the website on the desktop version because they are all fully functional on the app. It also implies that there are no special deals available only to mobile users; everything is fairly balanced. 

Unfortunately, this application is not available to iOS users, which is one of its drawbacks. For now, only Android users who download it through the bookmaker’s website can take advantage of it.

Security at CyberBet

Security at CyberBet

When choosing a sports betting website, security is typically the first thing that grabs our attention. Feeling secure when transacting online and engaging in lawful activity on a platform that has been authorized are the most crucial things. Users’ concerns about security and legality are understandable given the complexity of gambling websites; however, what information is available about CyberBet’s security and legality?

Firstly, it is important for us to inform you that although CyberBet does not possess a local license in Kenya, this does not render the website illegal as it is licensed by the Curaçaoan government. Since this is an international platform, this information can be regarded as a respectable assurance of quality and security. Nonetheless, the website has not yet received a license according to Kenyan law.

It is unnecessary for users to be concerned about the security of the transactions they can complete online because the website offers dependable services and payment methods exclusively to its members. 

Banking Options

Cyberbet Banking Options

It is now time to talk about the various banking and payment options that are offered on the website, as this is one of the most important aspects of the betting experience. Instead of emphasizing having a wide range of payment options available, CyberBet offers a fairly standard and manageable selection of payment options. Nonetheless, a major benefit of all these options is that they are all regarded as secure and dependable. Let us explore the various ways to deposit and withdraw money from the website. 


The first action you will take on the website is to make a deposit, which will allow you to fund your account and place your first bet. These are some of the various approaches you can take to accomplish this, including the Cyber Bet Paybill.

  • Perfect Money
  • MPesa
  • Crypto
  • Webmoney


When the time comes for you to take your winnings off the platform, you will also need to use the website’s payment options to accomplish the Cyber Bet withdrawal procedure, which is exactly the same as for the deposit procedure. This means Perfect Money, MPesa, Crypto, and Webmoney.

Online Rules

Cyberbet Online Rules

Obviously, taking advantage of a sports betting website’s benefits is not always fun and games. Because of this enormous responsibility, there are tight guidelines that must be followed in order to avoid any problems with the administration. These guidelines apply to everything you do on the platform. These regulations were put in place for a variety of reasons. Firstly, they allow for the management of user activity on the platform and the flow of money through the website. Additionally, they allow for the prevention of fraud and other illegal activities. Here are some of the main rules you should be aware of prior to registering. 

  • Since 18 is the legal age in Kenya to gamble, all users of the website must be at least 18 years old. The administration has the complete authority to ban a member from the website and prohibit them from using the platform if they are found to be underage users profiting from the site’s features. 
  • Hacking is strictly prohibited. The administration has the authority to report and remove a user’s account if it discovers fraudulent activity on the platform. 
  • Every piece of information entered on the website needs to be accurate and genuine. Users do not have the right to give false information about themselves, including personal information about their identities. 
  • On CyberBet, each client is only permitted to have only one account. Multiple accounts on the platform are not permitted; doing so is regarded as a breach of the terms and conditions.
  • It is the client’s obligation to keep his or her login information private and to never give it out to outside parties. The customer should contact the customer support team if something similar happens. 

Sports Betting Markets, Odds, and Lines 

Cyberbet Sports Betting Markets, Odds, and Lines 

Following your discovery of all the official details, we think it would be beneficial for you to become acquainted with the variety of sports betting choices that the website offers. Fear not—there are plenty of opportunities on the CyberBet platform that you will probably find enjoyable. Let us find them out without further ado.

Popular Sports

The CyberBet platform, as previously mentioned, primarily focuses on eSports betting. In fact, the website was first established as an exclusive eSports betting platform, catering only to these kinds of competitions. But as time passed, the business made the decision to add more fresh features to its website, such as traditional sports betting. These are the most well-liked sports that you can bet on right now. 

  • Dota 2
  • Football
  • Counter Strike
  • League of Legends
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • NBA 2K
  • Tennis

Betting Markets

All bettors, professional and amateur alike, understand the value of betting markets and how important it is to have a large number of them on a betting site. These tools enable bettors to increase their winnings and diversify their experience, both of which are unquestionably crucial. The following are some of the betting markets available on CyberBet. 


One of the most well-liked betting markets accessible to wagerers across the board is 1X2. The idea is very straightforward: you can wager on three possible outcomes: the home team winning, symbolized by the number 1. The draw is represented by the X, and the away team winning is represented by the 2.


The Total betting market is used when predicting whether the total number of goals at full-time is over or under a given number. It is often used and highly appreciated among bettors for being simple to understand and very profitable.

Double chance

Double chance is a secure type of betting market. It is a simple concept: two of the three possible match outcomes can be covered by a single wager. To put it simply, you can use it to lower your risk when placing a wager on the outcome of a match. You have the option of betting on the home team to win, the away team to win, or both the home and away teams to win.

Bet Types

Besides using betting markets to their advantage, users also have the opportunity to use different bet types. These are simple ways to diversify your betting process without taking too many risks.

Single Bet

The simplest kind of wager that you can use is a single bet. Beginners and those who prefer not to take unnecessary risks or experiments find it highly useful. To put it simply, this type of bet only lets you place a wager on one possible result for a certain event.

Multiple Bet

Because it involves several events, a multiple bet carries a higher risk than a single one. The idea behind this is simple: you need to combine two or more sporting events into a single wager. 

Live Betting & Live Streaming

Cyberbet Live Betting & Live Streaming

In addition to providing standard pre-match sports betting services, the CyberBet website offers live betting, which is a very practical and enjoyable option. Regretfully, live streaming services are not offered in conjunction with the betting process, despite the fact that the website offers these kinds of betting opportunities. 

You can bet on your favorite sports in real-time and keep an eye on the action on an outside source by using the live betting option. It is well known that this type of betting is highly dynamic and increases the fervor and involvement of the bettor in the process. 

This functionality can easily be accessed on the CyberBet website or via the application by clicking on the “Live matches” button. 

Virtual Sports and Esports 

Cyberbet Virtual Sports and Esports 

Despite CybeBet’s primary focus on eSports, the website does not offer a virtual sports feature. But there is no denying that the cybersports section is fascinating. While it may not be overly extensive, the website’s ability to offer bettors the most well-liked eSports is unquestionably a mark of excellence. 

All of the eSports available on the platform can be bet on through a variety of methods, such as live betting and various betting markets and bet types.

These are the primary eSports that are currently accessible. 

  • Dota 2
  • Counter Strike
  • League of Legends
  • NBA 2K

Online Casino Review

Cyberbet Online Casino Review

Being a multifunctional platform, CyberBet provides a wide range of gambling options, including casino services, in addition to betting services. The website features an abundance of vibrant slot machines, table games, and even a live casino area for players who want a more realistic gaming experience. This section of the site is available to all users via both the desktop and mobile versions of the website. 

Top Casino Games

Given that we live in the modern era, it goes without saying that slot machines and other contemporary gaming are far more popular than traditional table games. These are among the most played games on the CyberBet website, and the company currently carries a very large selection of them. But we also want you to enjoy table games, which is why we have compiled two lists of the greatest casino games available on the site for your perusal. 

Top Slot MachinesTop Table Games
Diamond Explosion 7sBaccarat Pro
Big Bass Halloween Russian Poker
Starlight Princess 1000Andar Bahar
Book of JamSICBO
Jelly ReelsHold’em Poker


Besides offering its members a wide range of slots and table games, the CyberBet website also has a great array of jackpots available, with the most popular being 7W Go Wild and The Ultimate 5, which are very popular on the platform at the moment. However, there are also other types of games that are very well-liked by users, and you may even know some of them. Here they are. 

  • Greek Gods
  • Pyramid King
  • Ozwin’s Jackpots
  • 5 Lions Gold
  • Money Mouse
  • Chili Heat

Prediction Tips

Cyberbet Prediction Tips

Congratulations! You are now fully informed about the CyberBet platform and are ready to start placing bets. But before you begin, allow us to share some of our finest recommendations and pointers with you to ensure a smooth start. 

  • Avoid rushing: Starting something quickly, particularly if you are a novice, is the worst possible way to go. It will only disrupt your thought process and not increase your chances of winning. Giving yourself enough time to consider your options is crucial; otherwise, you run the risk of making foolish and dangerous wagers that could jeopardize your finances and your well-being. We strongly advise you to always set aside two to five minutes to consider your wager and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of making it. This will enable you to view your experience from a different angle and make wise decisions.
  • Learn: An old proverb states that knowledge is the key to success. Without consistently making the time to learn new things and reevaluate your betting knowledge, you will not be able to improve your betting experience.  In order to become a proficient bettor and advance to a professional level, you will need to educate yourself on a variety of subjects, including the betting industry and the world of sports. It is advised that you frequently visit websites pertaining to sports betting, peruse articles, and learn about new strategies and features. But do not ignore the world of sports and educate yourself fully about the sports you are wagering on as well; look into the players’ backgrounds and methods of play.
  • Analyze: One of the most crucial skills that any gambler should possess is analysis. The majority of the time, betting success is the consequence of sound analytical abilities. We especially advise you to focus when placing your bets and to choose live matches over pre-match betting because you will have more opportunities to observe players’ actions on the field and learn about their individual tactics and strategies. Another excellent strategy is to start your betting career by specializing in just one sport and betting on it nonstop so that you can concentrate on the specifics rather than the big picture. In either scenario, instead of just watching the game, you should pay close attention to how players are playing and analyze their strategies when placing bets.
  • Talk to other bettors: Sharing your experience with other bettors is a great way to learn from each other and exchange ideas. You will not have any trouble finding bettors who share your enthusiasm for this activity because both the sports betting and eSports communities are incredibly warm and inviting. You can visit blogs and streaming channels run by seasoned players, or you can simply chat with them on forums. In these places, you can pick up new online tactics and strategies that other players are actively sharing. 

Customer Support 

Cyberbet Customer Support 

Undoubtedly, it is crucial that all players have the ability to ask the site’s administration for help when they need it. We are aware that one of the most crucial qualities a bookmaker should possess is a dependable and responsible customer service department. This was taken into account by CyberBet when creating a customer support service that is always available and simple to contact through a variety of channels. 

The following methods can be used to get in touch with the support department if you run into any kind of issue on the website or if you are having problems with money transactions or your personal account. 599 9 788 9921

Affiliate Program

Cyberbet Affiliate Program

The CyberBet website is not only incredibly user-friendly and provides a wide range of sports betting options, but it also features an affiliate program that enables collaboration between regular platform users and the business. 

The basic idea behind all affiliate programs is the same: you take a promotion, spread the word about it, drive traffic to the website, and get paid a portion of the sales you bring in for the platform. The benefits of the Cyber Bet affiliate program include the chance to receive payments twice a month while being monitored by a personal manager, as well as an exclusive referral system that can bring you up to 5% of the webmasters drawn in. 


Cyberbet Conclusion

In conclusion, we should state that CyberBet has astonished us greatly with its amazing features and unquestionably top-notch betting services. It is hardly surprising that this is one of the most popular platforms in Kenya; it has all the necessary tools to rank among the best betting sites and enormous growth potential. We were especially pleased with the site’s large and varied jackpot and casino sections, as well as how easy it was to use.

But, despite our opinion that the website is nearly flawless, there are still some issues with it. For instance, it is really disappointing that an iOS mobile application has still not been developed. We would also like to see more sports available for wagering in the future. 

The majority of CyberBet’s features were covered in this post, but if you still have questions, please see the FAQ section below. 

CyberBet 100% bonus up to 30,000 KES No No Link
1xBet 20.000 KES Yes Yes Link
GGBet Sign Up Offer No No Link
Melbet 26,280 KES Yes Yes Link
Betwinner 15,000 KES Yes Yes Link

CyberBet FAQs

Why is Cyberbet Mobile a Top Choice for Kenyans?
Because the CyberBet app allows bettors to profit from their preferred betting services and a large number of opportunities via their mobile devices, they can bet on the go and more quickly than via desktop.
How Global is Its Reach?
CyberBet is available in most countries where sports betting is legal.

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