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26 Dec 2023 (EDITED 20 May, 2024)
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Betting on eSports is very demanding and thrilling. We can name a lot of advantages over traditional betting. First of all, it’s funnier and more exciting. Secondly, gaming is available to almost everyone, and as a matter of fact, gamers are more skilled predictors than any other traditional sports lover. Luckily, GGBet is a great playground for eSports fans.

About GGBet

Before we take a look at eSpors at GGBet, it’s important to familiarize ourselves with all the advantages and disadvantages of the service. To start with, registration on the platform is easy and straightforward. Right after the sign-up, you’re more likely to stay with GGBet, as they always improve their features. For example, the option of live bets and live streams makes betting exhilarating and engaging. And to encourage you even more to place stakes, GGBet creates a wide range of generous bonuses. You can always take advantage of them if you proceed to an appropriate section. In a bid for perfection, this bookmaker creates interactive applications for iOS and Android that allow you to place a bet anywhere and 24/7. Here is a full list of the pros and cons of GGBet that can help you get a fuller picture of this bookmaker. However, you may always check our GGBet review to get a fuller picture:

  • Responsive support team
  • An extended betting section
  • Poor choice of payment methods
  • No Kenyan currency

Like any sportsbook, GGBet has some pitfalls; however, we believe that these issues are manageable. Despite the lack of Kenyan currency on the list, you’re still able to top up your balance; the only problem is that you have to count your money in an unaccustomed way, depending on the currency you have chosen.

Nevertheless, today, the most interesting advantage of GGBet to us is its huge list of eSports disciplines. Let’s dive deep into this topic. 

What Is Cybersport?

What Is GGbet Cybersport?

eSports serves as a liaison between traditional sports and video games. What makes us say so? First of all, eSports imply competitions in the form of live tournaments, which may be held online or on LANs. Secondly, like in traditional sports, we may observe the predominance of the element of mastery over luck. It is essential that the opponents are equal so it would be more obvious who is more skilled and advanced.

So, eSports is a form of competition that is held using video games where participants are equal. At first, eSports became popular in East Asia. It’s worth mentioning that South Korea was the first country to license professional eSportsmen in 2000. It means that back in that time, people had released the potential growth of this business. Today, this is an industry worth over $1 billion. It’s a well-known fact that in 2018, more than 400 million people took part in eSports tournaments or watched them. We can’t deny how quickly they became widespread. One of the most unexpected factors that contributed to that growth was the pandemic at the beginning of the 2020s. People realized that they were still able to communicate with each other via the medium of video games. Because of the “stay home” policy, many sports events were canceled; however, when it comes to eSports, it was manifested and treated well because the participants not only complied with the rules of the epidemic but also provided us, the viewers, with exhilarating and fast-paced cybersports events.

There are a lot of video game genres that are worth our attention.

  • multiplayer online battle arena
  • first-person shooter
  • fighting
  • card games
  • battle royale
  • real-time strategy.

So now let’s take a closer look at what eSports games are on the menu at GGBet. 

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Types of Cybersports

GGBet is really ahead of other sportsbooks in terms of the variety of eSports disciplines. The company provides a wide range of games for every taste. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a big fan of exciting shooters like CS:GO or you’re keen on measured card games like Hearts Stone. You will find a game that you will enjoy placing stakes on. Here is the list of games that are presented on GGBet: 

  • Dota 2 
  • CS:GO 
  • Smite
  • Call of Duty
  • Halo 
  • Overwatch
  • Vainglory
  • Fortnite
  • FIFA
  • Mobile Legends
  • StarCraft 2
  • League of Legends
  • Hearthstone
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • World of Tanks
  • Valorant
  • Rocket League
  • Rainbow Six.

The list is really huge! However, we would want to concentrate on the most important and popular games today.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is the most popular competitive eSports game in the world. This game was developed by Valve Corporation in 2013. It is played in matches between two teams consisting of five players, with each team occupying and defending their own separate base on the map. This MOBA game unites a lot of cyberathletes and punters. Dota 2 heavily relies on the emphasis on teamwork. Many people confess that betting on this game is really thrilling, and if you haven’t tried it out, you should consider it because GGBet Dota 2 betting is different from others on the market. 


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer tactical shooter created by the same company as Dota 2. This Valve’s edition of the Counter-Strike series is the most successful one. The company released the second part of their game in March 2023, but this version is still the most beloved one.

GGBet CS:GO bet offers all of these betting markets, and you can incorporate them into your wagering strategies.  


This game is a real phenomenon in the world of battle royale games. There are over 250 million registered users. And the game has gained this popularity for a reason. The game has a very colorful and bright design. And Fornite’s popularity in the media is huge. Many celebrities are promoting this game. Because of such huge attention, we see many championships, and we know well that it is a great environment for betting.

Here are some examples of the most popular Fortnite betting markets:

  • Total Kills
  • Will the player make a kill?
  • Win/Loss
  • Will the Player Get the Top
  • Total Kills Odd/Even

There are a few factors that must be taken into account when you bet on Fortnite. First of all, it is the recent performance of the player, head-to-head figures and records, and the place where a cybersportsman plays.  

How to Bet on eSports

How to Bet on GGBet eSports

If you feel like you’re done with betting on traditional sports and you want to experience something new, it’s great that you have chosen eSports. However, you still have to stick to some strategies to succeed in betting. We have gathered some of the most fundamental tips that will help you out.  

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  • Keep up with eSports trends. eSports are changing way more rapidly than traditional sports. There are always new weapons, skins, maps, and features that update the game. So be aware of those changes, as they also affect the performance of a player you’re about to place a stake on.  
  • Wager on games that you play. If you’re thinking about which game to bet on, choose the one that you’re familiar with. This is a great advantage that no other punter can experience. It is most likely that there are not so many people who bet on sports and also do them every day. And if you are a gamer, you know what really plays a role in the outcome of the eSports match. 
  • Do research on eSports players. The performance of a player hugely correlates with his life. And social media allows us to be peeping toms. Combine these two facts and start following top players to better understand their gaming from the inside out.

Predictions in Cybersports

GGBet Predictions in Cybersports

It’s always hard to keep constantly winning in betting on eSports. There are a lot of things that can happen throughout the game. If you’re an advanced punter, try to avoid betting exclusively on the outcome of the match. By diversifying your betting markets, you would become a more skilled punter. With the help of this advice and the ones that we have mentioned earlier, you will be a winner.

Promotions and Bonuses on eSports 

GGBet Promotions and Bonuses on eSports 

GGBet is a sportsbook company with an emphasis on eSports, so it’s not a surprise that their promotions are devoted to eSports. At the actual moment, these promotions are available to customers:

Transparent CS2 free bets

In terms of this promotion, you get a free bet for depositing and betting on the CS2 with odds of 1.75 and higher. Here is the correlation between deposit and free bet amount:

  • Get  €10 for deposit from €20 to €39
  • Get €25 for deposit from €40 to €79
  • Get €50 for a deposit of €180

LOL! That’s cashback!

Replenish your balance and play League of Legends matches to get cashback.

  • 5% cashback for deposits from €10
  • 10% cashback for deposits over €50
  • 15% cashback for deposits from €100 

Keep in mind that GGBet constantly updates its promotions. They may add new ones and remove the others, so please keep track of that. 

Customer Support 

GGBet Customer Support 

By having great relationships with their customers, GGBet ensures that they will stay with them. That is why the service looks after the quality of their customer support. There are a few means by which you can contact the company to solve any of your issues. +44 (203) 769-19-62 @ggbet_en @ggbet_en

This variety is impressive. Hardly can we name a lot of bookmakers that have so many media that allows regular customers to get in touch with them. 


GGBet Conclusion

GGBet is amazing for betting on eSports, as you can see. Not only does the company offer a lot of cyber sports disciplines to wager on, but it also creates appealing promotions that boost punters’ betting experience. The most popular eSports are Dota 2, CS:GO, and League of Legends. However, depending on the region you’re from, this can differ. But it doesn’t limit you from placing a stake in your favorite game. You would become a more advantageous punter if you already played this game. We hope that you will take this piece of advice seriously because it will significantly improve your “clairvoyance.” 


Is the best bookmaker for eSports betting?
Undoubtedly, that is true. GGBet operates with a focus on eSports fans.
Does offer bonuses or promotions?
GGBet has a huge list of promotions. If you have trouble finding it, follow this instruction: 
  1. Go to the official GGBet website.
  2. Click on the “Promotions” section.
  3. Choose an offer and activate it.
Is GGBet safe for players?
GGBet implements advanced technologies for the encryption of its data and provides security for your personal data. Though it doesn’t have a local license in Kenya, it is still a registered service with a huge fan base around the world. 
Can I place a DOTA 2 bet?
Yes, you can.

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29 Dec 2023
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