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How to Load Bet Code on 1xBet

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Are you searching for a detailed article about the bet codes at 1xBet? You’re at the right place. Here, we discuss the difference between betting codes and show you the tutorial on how to load them. 

Nowadays, it’s common to have a coupon that rewards you with prizes. However, new players might feel confused by the bonuses and need guides on how to use them. We will cover the basics of promo activators, the main rules for using them, and important requirements. To learn more about the betting features, read the article about how to bet at 1xBet

What is a Bet Slip Code at 1xBet

What is a Bet Slip Code at 1xBet

In fact, betslip and coupon codes are completely different. The bet slip code is a special identifier for your bet. Each time you place a bet, all the information about it is generated in the form of symbols. So when you decide to start the bet or check the information about it, all you need to do is enter the special identifier in the bet slip. 

How to Load 1xBet Code on the Website 

So, you load the bet code to see the information about your bet or to place a new bet. The code consists of numbers and characters that are generated when you add a selection to the betslip and click “Save” the betslip. The set of symbols will be shown on the screen. So, enter the combination and follow the procedure below: 

  1. Go to the 1xBet website.
  2. Click on the “Login” button and enter your account details.
  3. Go to the sportsbook and open the betting slip. 
  4. Scroll down and find the “Save/load betslip” button.
  5. Click on it and enter the generated symbols.

All your betting selections are automatically added to your betting slip. The reason why players do this is to remember their betting preferences. Once you save the code, you won’t forget the selection and betting setting you want to bet with.

How to Load 1xBet Code on the App 

The number of mobile punters is growing rapidly. Therefore, 1xBet offers an incredible mobile application with all famous sports events and modern betting features such as live betting, live streaming, unique markets, and excellent betslip settings. So, if you’re looking for betting through the app, read on. 

  1. Visit the mobile version of the website. 
  2. Click on the “Mobile app” icon.
  3. Pick the preferred version for your device. 
  4. Download the app, following the required steps. 
  5. Hit on the app’s icon that has appeared on the screen. 
  6. Log in and go to the sportsbook. 
  7. Open the bet slip and click on the “Save/load betslip” button.
  8. Enter the code. 

If all special symbols are correct, all selections are automatically added to the betting slip. Review the information, enter the bet amount, check the possible payouts on the bet slip, and place the bet. 

1xBet Coupon Code 

1xBet Coupon Code

Promotional codes are made up of numbers and characters that you need to enter in the special field to receive the incentive. 1xBet is a platform that spreads a lot of promos on the Internet and makes bettors find them and claim the offer. It brings different rewards when you enter it, but mostly, the free bets. Coupon codes are designed to attract new users and motivate the loyal customers. They are usually given to newcomers when they enter the site for the first time or to active bettors on special occasions. You can get such codes in different ways: 

  • Find the promo on the partner sites. It’s a great technique to spread such codes among different betting sites on the Internet and give them to random people. It’s excellent for newcomers who are looking for free incentives. 
  • Buy the bonus in the built-in store. 1xBet is an extensive bookmaker with its own store on the site. To purchase the code, you need to collect points by playing games or betting on sports. Once you’ve collected enough, go to the store and buy the bonus that fits your needs. 
  • You will receive the promo activation key as a gift via email or SMS. As part of the promotional program, some coupons are distributed among active bettors on their birthdays, special occasions, events, and tournaments. Always check the email box associated with your account for the latest codes. Enter the special identifier made of symbols as usual to receive free bets.

Other Ways to Receive Bonus Codes 

In addition, codes can be an activation key for the bonus. Basically, you receive a key of a bonus and enter the official 1xBet website. Go to the registration page and enter the code in the special window. Does this sound familiar? If so, check out the information below about the bonuses you can activate with the coupons. 

  • Welcome Bonus/First Deposit. One of the biggest offers you can find at 1xBet is the First Deposit / Welcome Bonus for sports and casino enthusiasts. Did you know that you can activate this offer with a bonus code? Now you know, so don’t underestimate the importance of the code, and never forget it when you decide to create an account. 
  • Promotions section. As a regular bettor, you have a chance to exchange the points you have collected so far for other tasty offers. We’ve already mentioned the promo code section with various bonuses, so play casino games, spin the wheel of fortune, bet on your favorite sports events, and earn points. Then, go to the store and make a purchase. To earn points, you need to join the loyalty program. 
  • Loyalty Program. Thus, the bonus policy at 1xBet is connected with a loyalty program that can reward many active bettors with additional benefits. You don’t have to go through any procedure to become a loyalty program member. Just start betting, and you will automatically receive your first loyalty level. The more you wager and play casino games, the higher level you can reach. The more benefits and points you can earn. 
  • Participate in betting tournaments. Participating in various tournaments and daily betting sessions will reward you with different types of bonus codes. Play the 1xToto prediction game, participate in 1xRace, and get more benefits every day.


1xbet Conclusion

1xBet codes have different meanings depending on what you need. Don’t get confused, the betting code allows you to add your bet to the betting slip, while the coupons offer incentives like free bets. You can save a betting code to use it in the future or share it with your friends. Now that you have the answers to your questions, you’re free to enjoy betting.

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