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18 Sep 2023 (EDITED 20 May, 2024)
12 Minutes to read

BangBet is a well-known online betting platform that operates legally in Kenya. Punters appreciate it because it provides a convenient platform and application for its users. Kenyan players can withdraw winnings, fund their accounts via standard methods, and enjoy casino entertainment. What about the bonus offer? That is why we composed a detailed Bangbet review devoted to its bonus content, where we will explain all the current bonus deals and their requirements.

Kenya Available Bonus Deals

The official bookie’s website is the first source of the information we applied to during our observations. Since the platform operates on a legal basis in four African countries, it sure knows its audience and promises its punters various bonus deals. For Kenyan players, the bookmaker provides seasonal offers that are limited in time, a welcome reward for newbies, and some attractive prizes for loyal customers. We discovered that it is a complex task to identify all the offers the bookmaker currently places on the website. Our observations revealed none at the time. But the welcome offer is still available, and the Bangbet support confirmed it. 

BangBet Welcome Bonus

BangBet Welcome Bonus

New players can be easily attracted to the betting platform when they are offered generous deals. It is not a secret, so the bookie provides a special BangBet coupon bonus. If you do not find this offer on the official website, we strongly recommend applying to the support unit and clarifying the issue with them. Practice shows that a welcome offer is still available.

BangBet Welcome Bonus Requirements

Each registered player can receive a coupon with a total cost of Ksh 40 for a free bet. It is necessary to know that only one account can be created per player. You cannot make two or more accounts, and the bookmaker will block you. How can you receive your reward? You will know in our next paragraph.

How to Claim Bangbet Welcome Bonus? 

If you wish to receive a coupon worth Ksh 40, all you have to do is register on the BangBet platform. It is available via the Android app, the mobile version of the website, or on a standard full version of the BangBet site. Choose whatever option is convenient for you and claim your bonus. Our short instruction on how to do it is presented further.

New Users

Sure, each bookmaker provides specific terms and conditions that punters must fulfill to get the reward. Newbies must submit a fulfilled form with the required information to claim the 

Bang Bet bonus. Here is a description of what you need to do to open an account:

Open BangBet
Visit the BangBet official website and locate the “Register” button, then click on it. You can also do it in the mobile version or the app.
Provide Data
Enter your phone number and make sure it’s accurate. Only an actual number can be accepted because it will be tied to your account. All verification procedures, including future withdrawals, will be done via it.
Secure Your Profile
Invent a password to secure your personal account and confirm it by entering it a second time.
Tap on the “Confirm” button to finalize the procedure, and enjoy your experience!

Another way to sign up is to send an SMS code. It is faster, but very convenient if you are in a hurry. After you are done, use your data, phone number, and password and enter the account. You will be credited with a free bet right away.

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Registered Players

Registered punters cannot participate because it is a one-time offer. Only new players can receive free bets. But, loyal customers can receive other engaging BangBet bonuses. However, currently, the bookmaker prefers to close all the deals. We recommend you apply to the support unit and receive the information from the first hands. It is a high chance you may obtain an individual special deal.

BangBet Sportsbook Bonus Offers

BangBet Sportsbook Bonus Offers

Players usually prefer to bet on websites that provide the necessary legitimacy and security. However, the third aspect on their checklist is bonus promotions. Sure, Bangbet knows that and tries to apply it to all three conditions. But, while we explored the platform, we discovered that it certainly has some tricks up its sleeves. Check the website for new promos if you strive to bet on the BangBet platform. Based on the experience of our team, the bookie may offer separate deals for app and mobile users regarding the sportsbook offers.  

That is not all. Loyal users can participate in a weekly jackpot offer. Each registered punter can fund the account for at least Ksh 50 and make 12 predictions. If all of them turn out to be correct, a player will win the jackpot, which currently is Ksh 15,000,000.00. 

Casino Bonuses

Bangbet Casino Bonuses

The BangBet bonus offers for casino entertainment are unavailable at the moment of our review. In case you are wondering, reach out to BangBet customer care. Usually, the bookie does offer some deals to maintain the interest of newbies and regulars. As mentioned, players may count on special bonus offers by applying to customer care. 

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How to Withdraw Bangbet Bonus

How to Withdraw Bangbet Bonus

BangBet’s limited bonus options provide no opportunity for players to convert them into real cash. All offered free rewards are non-withdrawable for players. They only can use them as free bets to place stakes on any liked sporting events.

Additional Bonus Deals and Loyalty Program

Players may count on some seasonal bonus promos from BangBet. We have nothing to discuss because the bookmaker preferred to close extra deals for Kenya. The loyalty program is also unavailable so no BangBet points can cover your bets, and no cashback can help you wager more.

How to Use BangBet Gifts

BangBet’s website provides unique gifts for African punters. They may come in the form of:

  • Discounts
  • Cash
  • Benefit coupons
  • Winning Bonus

All the gifts are valid for single and multi-bets and pre-match and live betting. The trick here is that an official resource does not provide them for Kenyan players. We advise you to address the request to determine if such gifts are available. Operators will supply you with the link to the page containing clear instructions on claiming and using your gifts.

How to Redeem Bangbet Bonus

How to Redeem Bangbet Bonus

The bookmaker leaves no detailed information on how players can redeem their bonuses. The only requirement discovered is that punters cannot redeem the gifts if granted. If a bookie launches new promotions, we advise you to review the conditions to understand if you can convert your bonus into real cash.

Bangbet Bonus Offers Pros and Cons 

Bangbet Bonus Offers Pros and Cons 

We observed that BangBet does not have many active BangBet bonus deals and promotions for punters from the Kenya region. To give you a better view, we created a table with the advantages and drawbacks of BangBet bonuses.

  • Allows making free bets
  • Easy to comply with
  • Few bonus options
  • Non-withdrawable
  • No loyalty points

Sum Up

Read bonus terms and conditions carefully to avoid inconveniences. If you need clearance, apply to the support via offered communication channels. Also, Bangbet allows punters to place bets and receive withdrawals via the USSD command. It is pretty convenient when you need to make a fast operation on the go. The option allows players to make predictions via this USSD technology and participate in a jackpot promo. 

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How do I use my free bet bonus?
Pick any event and place a stake to redeem your free bet reward.
How do I withdraw my bangbet casino bonus?
The website has no casino bonuses, so there is no way to withdraw them.
When can I withdraw bonus cash?
It depends on the BangBet bonus and its requirements.
Can I use a bonus bet to live bet?
Sure, it is possible because the bookie provides no limitations on the official website.
How to Use Bangbet Gifts?
Kenyan players have no access to the offered gifts.
Can I withdraw bonus bet winnings?
No, the bonuses provided by the bookie are non-withdrawable.
Who owns Bangbet?
The Rabow Co Limited company owns and manages the BangBet betting platform.
How good is BangBet?
It is licensed and provides the needed amount of data protection. Moreover, it offers a convenient betting website with many sports and markets. It is pretty good and safe to bet on.

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