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28 May 2024 (EDITED 7 June, 2024)
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Attention! Unfortunately, Cyberbet users can no longer place bets on sports. However, they offer a full range of casino games and entertainment.

Modern sportsbooks offer various features to simplify one’s betting and ultimately have a higher chance of winning. Punters can place bets with high odds and choose from a range of sports markets. A more detailed overview of CyberBet online betting can be found in our review article on the site. 

At the same time, bookmaker accounts can be constantly credited with bonus funds, allowing bettors to try risk-free wagering. All these opportunities and other exciting options are available once a deposit has been made. Let’s review the feature through one of Kenya’s top sportsbooks.

 Keep reading this article to learn about the platform’s deposit methods.

How to Deposit

Cyberbet How to Deposit

Let’s look through the process of crediting your account. It only takes a few minutes and includes the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to CyberBet 

The platform has its official website and Android-compatible app, which are always available for any transactions. Choose whichever works best for you and move to the next step.

Step 2: Log in

Enter your login credentials, including email and password. You can also log in through one of the social networks available. Find the General Terms & Conditions section, among other options, on the website or app. Click the link to open the complete set of regulations regarding CyberBet wagering. Find the relevant subsection under “Deposits and Withdrawals.” Read through the rules to note users and the company’s rights and obligations, minimum and maximum sums, and any commission information.

Step 3: Select the “Deposit” Section

Navigate to the sportsbook’s deposit section after logging in. It can be found in the upper right header.

Step 4: Add the Funds

Choose the cryptocurrency or e-wallet of your preference from the list of available options. Ensure you view the minimum deposit amount of the selected option. Click “Pay’ to be redirected to the next step. Currently, CyberBet does not offer any valid promo codes. However, the platform regularly updates its promo code policy, and it’s best to keep the option in mind just in case. You will be redirected to a confirmation page depending on the chosen method. You can view the deposit sum and the phone number to which a confirmatory notification will be sent. Verify the procedure to finally credit your account.
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Deposit Methods

The sportsbook is focused on providing the most relevant and modern methods of crediting your account. For this reason, the only available options involve cryptocurrency and e-wallets. Currently, crypto wallets are gaining popularity due to their safety and efficiency. While CyberBet’s security policy regulates the transparency of all on-site transactions, a double layer of protection is provided by any crypto method. The deposit methods can be summarized in the table below:

Bitcoin cash


The method is preferred over more traditional options for various reasons. The transactions are a lot faster, allowing punters to spend less time depositing and more time placing bets. If fees do apply, they are typically lower than with other payments. Of course, an extra layer of anonymity is granted to crypto users. 


The payment option allows users to store and transfer multiple currencies from and to their accounts. This method provides less anonymity but is also not subject to volatility as cryptocurrency is. E-wallets can be used for crypto and traditional banking manipulations, offering more integration with other services. 

CyberBet Mobile

Punters can also fund their accounts using mobile payment systems, such as M-Pesa and Airtel. The methods are also applicable to withdrawing winnings and handling finances. With just a mobile phone, it offers a simple and safe method for people to handle their money and carry out transactions.


M-Pesa is a mobile service that originated in Kenya over 10 years ago. Users must register using their personal information and phone number to use the system.  

  • Identity verification is a safety regulation that is only completed during your registration but will ensure account security for all future transactions. 
  • You can additionally use the service for withdrawal, transferring money, paying bills, and funding other online platforms.


Airtel is an alternative mobile service that can be used for payment on CyberBet. With extensive network coverage and a quick transfer system, the service is highly convenient in areas where traditional payment methods would need to be faster.  

  • Select AirTel as your preferred payment method to instantly credit your account.
  • Confirm all transactions quickly using your phone number.

Minimal Deposit

Cyberbet Minimal Deposit

The minimum credit amount directly depends on the selected payment method. You can view the minimum sum in the deposit field if you enter a number lower than the required amount. Here is a brief recap of the differences in minimal requirements in various methods.

Payment ServiceMinimum Credit
AstroPay, M-Pesa.3 USD
Neteller, Skrill.5 USD
Bitcoin,  Ethereum, Litecoin, Doge, Bitcoin Cash, Binance Coin, Ripple.15 USD
Tether25 USD

As you can see, the payment systems provide a whole range of minimal requirements to place your bets.

Commission Fee

The services offered by each deposit service can include a commission fee, as noted in the “Deposits and Withdrawals” terms and conditions. Suppose there hasn’t been enough gambling, and the client is thought to be abusing the service to profit from exchange rate fluctuations. In that case, CyberBet reserves the right to charge a reasonable commission on any currency exchange done on the site. 

Transaction Duration

The average time required to process the deposit ranges from a minute to 3 business days. The duration depends entirely on the method selected and the deposit amount. Users must also verify their identity for their first deposit, which may take additional time. Overall, the platform offers extremely fast transactions due to the priority deposit method. 

Cryptocurrency currently provides the quickest and safest deposits across several sportsbooks in Kenya, including CyberBet.

Possible Issues and Solutions

Cyberbet Possible Issues and Solutions

While CyberBet’s team works hard to prevent any issues involving the deposit procedure, users can encounter several problems. Let’s review a few common ones and their optimal solutions. 

Payment Processing Delays:
Processing times for payments may be prolonged, particularly for large winnings or during times when there are a lot of transactions.
Be patient and wait for the payment to be processed. As the terms and conditions state, the maximum duration is 3 business days. If your deposit takes longer, contact Customer Support.
Payment Restrictions:You may notice that the system does not accept the entered sum.Check the minimum payment requirements as indicated in the deposit form. Enter at least the minimum sum to proceed further.
Invalid Promo Code:
The promo code you entered is not accepted.
Check the source of the code and official updates from CyberBet. It may be invalid since the platform does not currently offer such promotions. Proceed further without the code.
Technical Issues:
Any system service glitches for unknown reasons.
Reach out to Customer Care for immediate help.You can attach a screenshot of the issue and send it via email.
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Up to 300 EUR for sports betting!
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How much is the CyberBet Kenya minimum deposit?
The minimum deposit ranges depending on the chosen payment method. The smallest value is currently equal to 3 USD.
What is the CyberBet deposit fee in Kenya?
The fee depends entirely on the payment system and can be viewed when registering a payment.
What is the CyberBet M-Pesa pay bill number?
The pay bill number for CyberBet M-Pesa is 5879249.

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