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Welcome package of up to 30,000 KSH

Benefit from up to 30,000 KSH by visiting the CyberBet bookmaker and registering on the website for the first time!
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5 Mar 2024 (EDITED 12 April, 2024)
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CyberBet is an online betting platform that is growing in popularity in Kenya. The site offers wagering services on the app and desktop versions, with over 100 markets to choose from. The fantastic casino and sports collection brings more users in every day. Let’s review the registration process to find out how to join the community quickly and start betting immediately.

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Website Registration

CberBet Website Registration

CyberBet prioritizes user accessibility across all stages, so the registration process is quick and simple. The only requirements include having a stable internet connection and access to the official CyberBet website. The rest of the registration process follows the steps below.

Website Registration

Open the CyberBet Website

Ensure you have a valid website opened to avoid illegal or unreliable betting activity.

Open the Registration Form

Click on the “Register” option in the top right corner of the main page. You will see a form with spaces to fill in using your personal details and potential account settings.

Enter Your Personal Details

The main fields to fill in are your preferred currency, phone number, and email address. Make sure that you create a strong password to protect your account and funds.
Select a Currency
The platform provides a long list of available currencies that users can choose from. Over 20 options can be selected. Some of the top currencies include EUR, USD, GBP, KES, NOK, PEN, THB, and more! Ensure you are comfortable with the selected currency, as you cannot change the option later.
Confirm the Registration
Once you have filled out all the fields and entered a strong password, confirm your registration by email. An email will be sent out to the address entered, so double-check for any typos before confirming your decision.
After successful confirmation, you are all done! Congratulations on joining the CyberBet community.

App Registration

An enjoyable bonus of CyberBet is the app alternative it offers to bettors who prefer instant wagering. The app makes any of the sportsbook services more accessible and personalized to your interests. If you want to begin your journey through the app, follow the steps below.

App Registration

Install the App

The app can be easily downloaded by following the installment link from the website. Allow the download in your settings and wait for the process to be completed.
Keep in mind that currently, the CyberBet app is only available to Android users.

Open the Registration Form

As soon as your app has been downloaded, you can enter its main page to find the “Register” option. Typically, the option will pop up on its own once you open the app for the first time.

Fill in the Personal Details

Proceed to the most essential part of the process. Complete the registration form by entering your phone number, email address, and a strong password. Select a currency, keeping in mind that the selection is permanent.

Confirm the Registration

Confirm the registration process by confirming the entered email address. Once the confirmation is complete, you are free to explore the full set of features of CyberBet.

Alternative Methods

The platform allows another method to be used in case of alternate user preferences. Feel free to use an existing social network account if you do not wish to register using an email and phone number. 

Social Networks

A useful alternative to an email address is registering through a social network account. The main eligible networks are Google, Facebook, VK, and Discord. 

  1. Enter your social network username in the field provided.
  2. Fill out the password field with the password tied to the social network account.
  3. Select a currency from the list provided. 
  4. Confirm your selection and click “Register.” 

Congratulations, you have successfully joined the CyberBet community!

Reasons to Register

CyberBet Reasons to Register

The sportsbook guarantees efficient and safe wagering across all sections. The company has hundreds of casino games and even more sports and eSports events daily. Users can choose from various payment options to make their deposits and receive winnings. Of course, several policies regulate the security and transparency of the bookmaker. Any bettor in Kenya can appreciate the full functionality of CyberBet betting features by simply registering on the site. 

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Let’s review the top reasons to join the CyberBet community right away.

#1: Safe and Secure

Using a reliable platform is one of the most critical aspects of an enjoyable wagering experience. CyberBet is licensed under Curacao and follows essential security protocols to maintain a safe environment for all punters.  

  • The privacy policy highlights the usage and disclosure of personal information provided by the users. 
  • CyberBet’s Anti-Money Laundering policy prevents any illegal activity by monitoring unusual gambling and limiting payment by cash.

#2: Wide Selection of Games

The platform is especially recognized for suiting the needs of any bettors, both casino and sports fans. 

  • CyberBet’s casino collection comprises various table, card, and instant games, as well as live gambling options.
  • Sports bettors can appreciate over 20 popular sports with daily events, tournaments, and championships. Also, eSports enthusiasts can enjoy significant gaming events and settle bets on unique markets. 

#3: Bonuses and Promotions

Any experienced punter understands the actual value of a welcome gift or cashback promotion for regular users. Newly registered bettors can benefit from a welcome bonus of 100% up to 500 USD. Committed players are rewarded through various promotional schemes:

  • Deposit bonuses: free spins and bets for casino and sports wagering.
  • Cashback: Receive a percentage of your losses for a quick recovery.
  • Reload: Extra funds provided by the site to promote further gambling.

#4: Competitive Odds

CyberBet maintains a top position in the Kenyan bookmaker leaderboard partially due to its range of competitive odds. The average odds margin is 6.5% for major sports and eSports games. While the numbers are constantly updated to suit the market’s needs, the sportsbook’s customers can always appreciate the odds and market selection. 

#5: Live Betting

Wagering on an event while it is still in progress can be extremely exciting and bring in additional profit. CyberBet offers the live option for almost all of its services, including casinos, sports, and eSports. 

  • Enjoy a real-life casino gambling experience by playing one of the classic table games with a real dealer.
  • Participate in a live broadcast of a big match in football, tennis, or other top sports to feel the thrills of the game from the comfort of your home.
  • Place your bets on international tournaments live and win double the profit!

How to Log in

CyberBet How to Log-in

Once you have successfully registered on the website or app, you can log in to your account anytime. 

Navigate to the Website or App

Open your web browser and go to the bookmaker’s website or open the installed app from your device.

Open the Sign-in Form

Click the “Log in” option located at the top right corner of the main page.

Provide the Login Details

Enter your personal information, including the email and password that you used for registration. You can also use one of the social networks provided to log in with your account username and password.

Enter the Platform    

Once you have entered your account details, click “Log in,” and you will be redirected to the site’s main page. Now, you can browse through the sportsbook’s betting services.

Password Recovery

Forgetting or losing access to your password is a common issue and not a reason to worry. CyberBet provides a quick and easy way to recover your password in any case.

Password Recovery Link

Click the “Forgot your password” link to begin the password recovery process.

Enter Your Email 

The username or email address linked to your account must be entered. Verify that the information you enter is accurate.

Verify Your Identity

You will receive an email from the company with the necessary instructions. Proceed with the verification process by following the steps outlined.

Reset Password

After confirming your identity, you will be asked to reset your account password. Select a secure password that is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to figure out.


Following a successful password reset, you will get an email confirming the procedure’s success. This verifies that your password has been changed, and you can use it to access your account.

Common Issues

CyberBet Common Issues

Newly registered users can encounter a few issues while creating their accounts. Let’s review the most common problems and possible solutions.

Password RequirementsA basic and predictable password will lead to hacking and data leaks.Make sure you have a strong and secure password that meets the basic safety requirements.
Verification Code Not Received The code can be lost or unavailable for several reasons. Typically, a misspelling of the email will cause the issue. Another reason is the message entering the spam or junk folder.Check your junk folder or choose to resend the confirmation. Double-check your initial spelling for any typos.
Username Already in UseYou cannot use an email address for registration  if it is already linked to an existing account. The same applied to social network accounts and phone numbers.Use a different email address. If your preferred username is already taken, add some unique characters or numbers.
Login TroubleSome users note login trouble throughout the whole process. This can include system glitching and slow processing. If the problem involves technical difficulties, it is best to contact customer support right away. You can email the support team with screenshots of the issue for the quickest response.
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Final Words

CyberBet Final Words

CyberBet is a fantastic way to begin your betting journey. The platform offers thousands of casino, sports, and eSports games and a unique odds market. The best news is that becoming a member of the CyberBet community is extremely simple and only takes a few minutes. 


How to get a registration bonus?
The registration bonus, also known as the welcome bonus, can be claimed right after creating your account but you will have to make a minimal deposit on the site first.
How to activate a promotional code?
A promo code can be activated during the registration process in the “Promo code” field.
My document was not accepted. What is the reason?
Ensure that the document is in an accepted format: a national passport, driver’s license, or ID card. Another reason could be the quality of the document. Please ensure that the scan sent is of adequate quality and can be read coherently.

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