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26 Mar 2024 (EDITED 20 May, 2024)
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Treating regular customers with neat bonuses and promotions is something that many well-established bookmakers do. Moreover, these things can help the bookmakers to attract new players and widen their audience. Bonuses can differ from each other quite significantly. In their nature. Some match deposits, while others work as additional bonuses.

Brief Information About Stake

Brief Information About Stake

Stake is an international betting gambling and betting platform. What makes it different from the endless list of other bookmakers is the fact that it’s centered around using cryptocurrencies as the main payment method. In fact, it’s the only one offered for deposit purposes. Things are a bit different for withdrawals, though, with the ability to use direct bank transfers after meeting certain criteria.

If you want to learn more about Stake, take a look at our article covering the Stake sports betting options in detail.

Existing Bonuses on Stake

Existing Bonuses on Stake

As is the case with any well-developed platform, Stake offers some bonuses and promotions for its players. Here’s a partial list of some of them; check it out:

  • Stake’s Daily Races.
  • Stake’s Weekly Raffle
  • Conquer the Casino!
  • Stake vs. Eddie
  • Multiplier Race
  • Chaos Collector
  • Pragmatic Drops and Wins
  • UFC Split Decision Insurance

Stake Casino Welcome Bonus

Stake Casino Welcome Bonus

Many platforms offer a welcome bonus to their players. This is a perfectly normal practice and a very popular option. They usually come in the shape of additional boosts or getting your first deposits 100% matched. Unfortunately, Stake doesn’t feature any welcome packs for its new customers. But, thankfully, the platform compensates for it with a long list of other bonuses and promotions.

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Stake No-Deposit Bonus

Stake No-Deposit Bonus

Sometimes, the platform offers so-called no-deposit welcome bonuses. This means you don’t have to transfer any money into the platform’s account to get the first offer. This isn’t a very common practice since it often involves the bookmaker spending something without getting any returns. In the face of Stake, there’s no such an option: most of its bonuses require you to add some money to your balance.

If you want to find out information on Stake casino free spins, then check out our article dedicated fully to the matter.

Betting Bonuses at Stake

Betting Bonuses at Stake

Stake offers options for both bettors and gamblers. If you like placing wagers on various sports, then the platform has plenty of options to satisfy your needs. There are popular disciplines such as football and basketball, and even eSports options are present. Additional features like live betting and the cashout option make the process even more flexible. And, of course, bettors can enjoy a variety of bonuses. In the following sections, we will take a look at them.

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NBA Double Winnings

This bonus will boost and double your winnings if your selection wins and hits a target the platform places. It essentially works as a Double Chance bet, but let’s look closer.

Bonus Rules

The platform selects certain combinations for games. They include the teams winning and their players hitting a certain target. For example, 30 points. If you place a single pre-match wager on a Winning market with the smallest amount being 740 KES, then you can expect your returns to get doubled if both the selection wins and the player hits a target. This boost is 100%, but the maximum sum you’ll get is 14,600 KES.

How to Receive and Use Bonus

There are no wagering requirements: the platform will credit this promotion to your account’s balance within 48 hours. You can’t bet on multiple sides, and the promotion doesn’t work if the player doesn’t participate in the game.

Perfect 10 Sports Challenge

This bonus applies to all disciplines. You have to win a multiple bet with at least 10 selections to receive it. There‘s a certain prize pool. Let’s read more about that.

Bonus Rules

As we already stated, all sports are eligible. You have to be active on the betting platform’s forum, with at least 10 posts in your history, and have a post on a needed topic with your bet ID to participate. The minimum eligible wager in any cryptocurrency is 146 KES or $1 equivalent.

How to Receive and Use Bonus

The promotion works both for pre-match and live events. If you won the sum, there are no additional requirements for wagering it. You can’t place the same bet in multiple weekly challenges, such as this one, but you can participate in them with different wagers.

UFC Split Decision Insurance

One of the few bonuses on the platform that targets a specific sport, this one allows you to get the money back if a selection you picked loses, but only by a split decision. Let’s take a deeper look at how the bonus works.

Bonus Rules

The way the bonus works is simple. Place a single pre-match bet with a stake larger than 740 KES on any UFC event (other MMA fights and Dana White Contender Series not included). The only eligible market is the one where you wager on Winners. You will get the money back if an official split decision loses your selection. The maximum payback sum is 36,500 KES.

How to Receive the Bonus

This one doesn’t have any additional wagering requirements. If the game’s official result is a split-decision loss of your selection, then you will get it. You must wait 48 hours for the results to be fully confirmed and processed, but that’s about it.

Another thing to note is that you won’t receive a payback if your bet was voided or you cashed it out.

Casino Bonuses

Stake Casino Bonuses

And we can’t obviously ignore the gambling side of things. After all, the developers of Stake put a lot of work into these functions, features, and games. There are hundreds of them, including original ones, mainly dice-based. And, of course, some bonuses aim to cover the casino options on the platform. Let’s take a look at them.

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Conquer the Casino!

This isn’t a bonus per se, but more of a challenge with a prize pool. There are 10 pre-selected games, usually newer additions to the platform’s incredibly long list of casino options, that you can play to participate. Let’s take a look at the rules of the bonus.

Bonus Rules

There are two types of prizes: Big Wins and Lucky Wins. The former goes to the players with the largest winning per game. The latter is for the ones with the biggest multipliers. The minimum stake you can place on a game to participate is just 15 KES.

How to Receive and Use

You will simply get the prize on your account’s balance and can withdraw it any time you want, with no additional requirements included.

The Level Up

Win prizes from the pool of nearly 3,000,000 KES by playing certain games and reaching the set multiplier targets. There are certain games you have to participate in. Let’s take a look at them.

Bonus Rules

The Level Up is a weekly challenge. Each week, the system selects 5 games and places certain multiplier targets for each of them. If you reach all of the targets, you’ll become a participant and receive your share. The minimum stake that you can place on a game is just 15 KES.

How to Use the Bonus

You will simply get it on your balance within 72 hours. You can’t use multiple accounts to participate; this will get you banned. Apart from that and what we’ve mentioned in the “Bonus Rules” sections, there are no other additional requirements.

Withdrawing Bonuses

Stake Withdrawing Bonuses

The main method to withdraw funds from Stake is cryptocurrency. The platform fully dedicates its vision to such an approach, so plenty of coins are supported, including but not limited to BTC, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others. You can also request an option to withdraw by using direct bank transfers, but there will be additional requirements, such as wagering the deposit three times.

Any Stake bonus isn’t an exception. The ways you can withdraw them are similar to any other transfer, so the previous paragraph stands true. Sometimes, the platforms add some wagering requirements, but Stake offers no such thing: you can usually easily withdraw the bonuses.

Additional Bonuses, VIP and Loyalty Program

Sometimes, bookmakers offer additional loyalty programs for the most active players and those willing to pay their membership fees. It’s not a universal practice; many popular and well-established platforms offer no such thing. But Stake does. A VIP program for players operates with large sums of money. It provides additional bonuses and a personal VIP manager.

Stake Bonus Program Pros and Cons

Stake Bonus Program Pros and Cons

There’s no perfect system, so while having bonuses and boosts is always nice, there are certain downsides and things that can be improved in how Stake handles bonuses. The table below shows the pros and cons of the program in a demonstrative manner.

  • A large number of available bonuses
  • The bonuses cover both casino and betting options
  • Wagering requirements are rare
  • You can use different bonuses at once, just not on the same event or for the same bet. And it’s also possible to participate in multiple challenges
  • No bonuses revolving around deposits
  • No free spins.

As you can see, the pros easily outweigh the cons, which is to be expected since the platform’s developers usually aim to make them quite attractive to different kinds of customers. 

Recommendations for Using Stake Bonuses

Recommendations for Using Stake Bonuses

While the majority of bonuses seem simple in their nature, and that often comes true, certain tips can improve your experience and help avoid the caveats we listed in the previous section. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Get familiar with the bonus rules. Different bonuses will have different rules. Read them thoroughly to understand better what’s required and what you can expect.
  • Get familiar with the wagering requirements. This continues the previous points, but the wagering requirements are usually the trickiest part of using any bonuses.
  • If a promo requires doing something risky, try not to get overboard with that. Sometimes, certain boosts are designed so that the more money you risk, the better the boosts and bonuses get. It’s nice, but we don’t recommend spending more money than you can comfortably lose, even if it means potentially larger winnings.
  • Don’t go against the company’s rules. This is the main rule since doing the prohibited things will quickly ban you. Get familiar with the platform’s T&C, and don’t make obvious mistakes.
  • Provide only correct information. When you’re entering any information about yourself, be it financial or personal, make sure that it’s correct and factual. Otherwise, there are chances that you may get banned. Providing wrong information can also unnecessarily complicate the required verification process before withdrawals or when the company has any suspicions about your identity.
  • Don’t go all the way to get the promo if you’re uninterested. Sometimes, the bonuses are only available for sports and activities that you know nothing about. In most cases, checking them out or spending more money just to get them isn’t worth it, so we don’t recommend risking more money or partaking in the things you’re not interested in. On the other hand, trying something new or getting massive boosts can be quite beneficial.

These are just some general recommendations, but they’ll be enough for most players. After all, the bonuses are made to be enjoyed and increase players’ interest, both new and regular ones, in the platform and its certain activities. This means that the bookmakers usually don’t want to overly complicate things by providing these bonuses and adding some caveats. But that still doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t read the rules.

What’s a Promo Code?

What’s a Stake Promo Code?

A promo code is a combination of letters and numbers you can enter on Stake during registration and receive additional bonuses. Such codes are usually free. To input one, go to the sign-up page and check the “Code” box. It’s totally optional.

If you want to learn more about the Stake promo code, check out our dedicated article.


Stake Conclusion

Bonuses are so important that it’s simply difficult to ignore them. They attract new players, motivate the existing ones, and offer plenty of opportunities and additional functions for various groups of punters and gamblers.

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How many times can I use a bonus code at
You can use it only once.
Do bonus codes expire at
Usually, no, but we recommend checking for new ones on a monthly basis.
Can I wager the bonus on any sport?
This depends on bonuses. You can even apply some of them, such as Daily Races, to gambling and betting, while others specifically target a certain discipline. The UFC Split Decision Insurance bonus is one such example.
Are Stake bonus winnings instantly withdrawable?
Usually, yes, since the wagering requirements are rare on the platform.
Can I have more than one active bonus?
This depends. While you can’t have the same bet for different bonuses, you can use different ones for various events or daily/weekly challenges.

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