Withdrawal From Stake: Methods & Guides

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5 Jun 2024 (EDITED 7 June, 2024)
9 Minutes to read

After successful betting, a pleasant moment comes when you can receive your money and spend it at your discretion – finally, a win! Understanding the withdrawal process well is essential so that nothing spoils this peek of luck and you can quickly receive your winnings. In this article, we will analyze in detail the process of withdrawing funds on the Stake platform, just for you.

And if you want detailed information about the bookmaker, read our review of the Stake betting site.

How to Withdraw From Stake

How to Withdraw From Stake

Once you have placed 100% of your deposit and confirmed your email, you can withdraw using the following instructions.

Step 1

In your account, open your wallet and go to the withdrawal section.

Step 2

Select the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw and the address to which you wish to receive your funds. Enter the desired withdrawal amount.

Step 3

If you have enabled 2-factor authentication, enter a current valid 2FA code. If 2FA is not active, enter the code sent to your email.

Step 4

Wait for your funds to be credited, which usually happens instantly.
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If you encounter withdrawal problems, contact support. Experienced specialists will assess the situation and help resolve it.

Withdrawal Requirements on Stake.com

To withdraw funds, you need to reach a minimum amount (we’re sure you can) and confirm your email address. To do the latter, open your account and go to settings. In general settings, you will find a link to verify your email to prove to the bookmaker that you’re real and not trying to fool it. In addition, before proceeding to withdraw funds, you must bet 100% of the amount you deposited.

Methods for Withdrawing Funds From Stake

Methods for Withdrawing Funds From Stake

You can receive the money you win in your cryptocurrency wallet or bank account.


Existing and operating in the modern world requires modern payment options, so the service works with a large number of cryptocurrencies so that you can withdraw your winnings to your wallet without any problems.


This is perhaps the most famous currency to date, launched back in 2009. This is what most users prefer.


This is the second most popular network, which has also been on the market long enough to earn users’ trust.


This meme currency was launched as a joke and suddenly gained popularity! No wonder – everyone loves dogs, especially memes with dogs. The peak of investments in this coin occurred in 2021. However, even today, many users prefer to pay with this currency and are faithful to their love for dogs.


Tether, launched in 2014, is a blockchain-enabled platform designed to facilitate the use of fiat currencies in digital form. Tether (USDT) is a stablecoin cryptocurrency pegged to the US dollar and backed 100% by Tether reserves.

Bank Transfer

You can also withdraw your winnings to your bank account if you’re more traditional with money. The availability of this method depends on the currency you are using, as not all fiat currencies support this method. Just in case, you can check its availability in your account.

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Withdrawal Limits

Like other sites, Stake has its withdrawal limits. They are different for different types of cryptocurrencies. Of course, the limits may change occasionally, but you can check them yourself at any time. Here is an example of several popular cryptocurrencies.

  • If you use Bitcoin, the minimum amount is 0.00005981. In this case, the commission is 0.00009583 (don’t get lost in zeros).
  • For Litecoin, the minimum limit is 0.03447320, and the commission is 0.000138.
  • If you chose Ethereum, then the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.00112126, and the commission is 0.00067447.

You will find more information in our article about Stake minimum withdrawal.

As for the maximum withdrawal limit, it doesn’t exist. Withdraw as much as you can.

What Is the Fee for Withdrawing Funds on Stake?

Each currency has its commissions, some of which we indicated in the previous paragraph. The complete list is on the website in the Help section.

Withdrawal Time

The time it takes for funds to be credited largely depends on your chosen currency. The number of required confirmations varies for different wallets. Some of them require only one confirmation, such as Bitcoin, while others require three or more. Of course, more confirmations require more time. 

Problems With Withdrawing Funds to Stake.com and Their Resolution

Sometimes, users encounter various problems and difficulties when withdrawing funds. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Withdrawal Is Unavailable

If the withdrawal button is inactive, you have not met one of the conditions. For example, you did not confirm your email or did not win back the deposit. Please recheck your requirements. Alternatively, you can contact support to clarify the reason.

Funds Aren’t Credited

This problem can occur when withdrawing a considerable amount, which requires manual verification, or when there is a high load on the network. Most often, you just need to wait, and the funds will arrive. However, if the funds don’t come for a long time, write to support to resolve the problem.

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How to withdraw from Stake to bank account?
If your fiat currency supports this withdrawal method, then on the withdrawal tab, click transfer and then follow the instructions on the screen.
Can I use more than one payment method?
You can easily use different crypto options depending on your interests. However, if you made a deposit and did not win it back, you can withdraw funds only to the wallet from which the deposit was made.
Must I withdraw my winnings through the same crypto method I used to deposit?
This is only necessary if you have not placed any bets or wagered 100% of your deposit.
Can you withdraw from Stake to PayPal?
It’s not possible to withdraw funds to your PayPal account.

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