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5 Jul 2024
18 Minutes to read

The registration processes on a betting platform are usually pretty straightforward, but some bookmakers make the procedures a bit more complicated than they have any right to be. 

Is this the case for Stake? That’s what we’re aiming to find out in the article below. And we will also check out other things related to the Stake sign-up process itself.

If you want to learn more about the Stake betting company and how it works in Kenya, you can always check out an article dedicated entirely to that matter. It will include all of the needed information you might want to know about the bookmaker and its various features.

How to Register on Stake

And now, it’s time to move to the main tutorial of this article: how exactly one can join Stake. Actually, the process is quick, and you don’t have to do much to become a member of the platform. The next two sections will include detailed tutorials on how to join the website.

Registering on the Website

Let’s take a look at how you can join Stake by using the regular desktop version of the website. It’s the most common way to access the platform and is the default option for PC users. Below are the steps:

Go to Stake

Open your browser and type in the website’s address. Make sure it’s the correct one. After that, you will see the page being loaded.

Click Register

Find the “Register” button on the top-right corner of the screen. Click on it and see a new window appear. It will include several fields to fill in, but more on that later. Another way to join the platform is by clicking the “Register Immediately” button, allowing you to use third-party services, including social networks, to join the platform.

Provide the Information

You must enter some information in the fields you’ll see in a new window. Thankfully, there’s not much to provide, so the process is rather simple. Enter your email and date of birth, make up a username, and create a password. You can also optionally enter a promo code if you have one.

Finalize the Procedure

Now to the last step. Click “Continue” and confirm your email. Follow any instructions that you might see and finish the registration. Congratulations, you’re now a member of Stake!

Registering With an App

Unfortunately, Stake doesn’t have applications for iOS or Android devices. This is a bit surprising to see, considering that the platform is well-established and has been on the market for nearly a decade. But Stake keeps getting more features, so we hope to see the apps in the future.

As for now, one can use a smartphone-optimized version of the website. You can easily access it from any mobile device, and there are all the features you might need to get a fulfilling betting and gambling experience. Let’s take a look at what steps you have to take if you want to join Stake by using the mobile website.

  1. Go to Stake. The first and obvious step is to visit Stake from your mobile device. Simply run your preferred browser on a smartphone and enter You will see the website opened on your device.
  2. Find the Register Button. You can find it on the top part of the screen. Tap it, and you will see a registration window appear. We will cover what to do in the next stage. Alternatively, you can tap the “Register Instantly” button and sign up via one of the social media platforms.
  3. Enter the Needed Information. You should enter the information required for successful sign-up on the registration window. First, you have to type in your email address. Then, come up with a username and a password. Select your full date of birth. You can also optionally enter a promo code if you have any.
  4. Finish the Procedure. Tap “Continue” and confirm the message you received via email. After that, you can finish the process and enjoy being a new platform member. 

Reasons to Join Stake

While we’ve already explained plenty of positives that the platform can offer, we think it’s time to dig deeper into them and provide more detailed information. After all, before you register, it’s always great to know what you can expect to see. In the next few sections, we will provide more information about Stake’s features that might be great reasons to join it.

Great Support for Cryptocurrencies

Crypto continues getting more popular, with new coins constantly appearing and providing more and more features. It’s no longer a niche investment or narrowly used financial instrument, instead becoming something that many people and institutions use for different purposes. Some offer a lot of stability, although the market is still mainly very versatile. Working from any time and anywhere is something that all cryptocurrencies can provide; for some, the fees are quite small.

As we mentioned in many previous sections, Stake focuses on cryptocurrencies as the main method of depositing and withdrawing funds. While many large platforms already support them, only a few do so at the scale Stake operates. The platform fully dedicates itself to working with cryptocurrencies, with them being the sole method to deposit the funds and the main one to withdraw them. The list of currencies that the platform supports includes many popular coins: Bitcoin, Litecoin, USDT, and Dogecoin are among them.

Nice UI and Usability

Stake does something that many competitors fail to offer even in 2024: neat, modern-looking design. The platform’s main website and the mobile version offer a visually enjoyable dark theme, the interface is minimalist yet fully functional, and you can easily access all of the needed features in just a few clicks or taps. 

Speaking of taps, unfortunately, the platform doesn’t offer mobile applications for iOS and Android. But you can always access the smartphone-optimized website version that includes all of the needed features, is easily usable, and looks great.

Impressive Betting Features

Stake is a bookmaker, so ignoring what it offers for the bettors of all kinds would be strange. The platform provides the ability to place wagers on different sports, including football, tennis, and ice hockey. eSports are also present. And the number of available betting markets isn’t going to disappoint you either. Apart from over/unders, moneylines, and handicaps, you can use other options.

Additional wagering features also exist. For example, you can bet on live events instead of upcoming ones. This can make the overall betting procedure much more versatile. Another related feature is the cashout one. It allows you to get the returns even before the event is over.

Many Games to Play

Stake doesn’t focus on betting only. In fact, there are plenty of games to test your luck with. The list of providers is quite long, including famous companies such as Pragmatic Play, Evolution, and Hacksaw City. Exclusive original games were designed specifically for the platform in its early days.

Some of the games include Dice, Crash, as well as other slots such as Gates of Olympus and Sweet Bonanza. Classical games are also available: they include Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat. Some of them are offered in the form of live casino options. And, of course, you can find gambling-related bonuses on the website.

Things to Know Before Registration

Stake Things to Know Before Registration

While the registration process can be simple and straightforward, that still doesn’t mean you should take joining the platform lightly. There are always some rules to follow and things to consider, although there’s nothing complicated and problematic about all of them.

Is It Legal to Join Stake From Kenya?

While the platform doesn’t have a local Kenyan license, it’s perfectly accessible nationwide. The Kenyan government doesn’t ban online betting. In fact, it has been a legal activity in the country since the 1960s. So, nothing is stopping you from using the website in the country. just keep in mind that the minimum legal betting and gambling age in the country is 18.

Registration Requirements in Kenya

If you plan to join the platform, you must know the requirements. They’re mostly obvious and not difficult to follow.

  • Be of a legal betting age. It’s 18 in the majority of countries in the world, and this includes Kenya. Don’t lie about your age since this will quickly get you banned. This is the case for all bookmakers.
  • Have an active email. You will need it for verification purposes or to recover a password if you forget it.
  • Be ready to confirm your personal and financial information. The account verification process is a very normal thing you can encounter on nearly every betting and gambling platform. The reasons are that the activity is regulated and involves money. So, the verification procedure usually checks out whether you’re a real person to prevent identity theft and money laundering.
  • Don’t create multiple accounts. This will get you banned everywhere, including on Stake. This is one of the strictest rules out there, so if you suspect someone created an account by using your identity, quickly contact customer care service.

What Can I Change After Creating an Account?

Once you join the platform, you can fully control your account. There are some things that you can edit. You can change some private information and passwords and add data used for verification. Even your email address, but this will require proving the ownership of the account.

How to Log Into Your Account

Stake How to Log Into Your Account

We’ve already covered all of the possible ways to register, but what about signing in? Of course, it’s usually an easier process, but it’s pretty important. There are just a couple of steps you have to take – let’s take a look at them.

Go to Stake and Find the Sign in Button

Simply enter the website’s address in your mobile or desktop browser, and you will see the page loaded. You can locate this button on the top right part of the screen if you’re accessing the website from the desktop version. If you’re doing it from your smartphone, you can find the button on the upper part of the screen.

Enter Your Credentials and Finish the Procedure

Start by typing in your username or email. Then, input the password. Alternatively, you can sign in with the help of third-party services, such as Facebook or Google. You can also recover your password, but more on that later in this article. The last step is tapping the “Sign In” button. This will log you in. And now you can enjoy the website, make deposits and withdrawals, bet on sports, or test your luck on games.

How to Set Up a New Account After Registering?

How to Set Up a New Account After Registering?

After joining the platform, you likely want to add information or edit what you already provided. In the “Settings” section, different tabs allow you to control your information. For example, in the “Verify” tab, you can provide personal information and validate your account. You can also edit some information after using the options available after hitting the profile button.

You can also control your funds, but there’s no need to provide financial information since Stake mainly operates with cryptocurrency. You must enter your wallet’s address when withdrawing or copy and paste the platform’s wallet’s information during depositing.

How to Delete Stake Account

How to Delete Stake Account

Unfortunately, the bookmaker doesn’t provide the ability to delete the account completely. But you can temporarily freeze any activity and determine the time for how long it will last. They call this option “Self-Exclusion.” 

To access it, find the “Stake Safe” button. The feature involves two stages. The first one is an obligatory 24-hour long cool-down period. You have to confirm it before it starts. During that time, you can think of how long you can avoid the platform. When 24 hours are over, you can decide how long the self-exclusion will last.

How to Recover Password

Stake provides ways to gain access to your account if you forget your password. For this to work, you still must have access to the email. Below are the steps to take to recover it.

Possible Registration and Login Issues and How to Solve Them

Stake Possible Registration and Login Issues and How to Solve Them

While the registration and authorization procedures are simple and well-designed, it still doesn’t mean the issues won’t happen. Of course, they’re rare and all, but they aren’t unheard of. In the next few sections, we will cover some of the most common ones and include possible solutions. And, of course, if you fail to deal with them on your own, you can always contact customer care service. Moreover, you can do so as the first step without trying to fix anything yourself.

Impossible to Log In

Sometimes, it becomes impossible to sign into the platform even after successful registration and even after successful previous logins. There are a few possible causes.

  • There are problems with your connection. Sometimes, your Internet connection speeds might be laсking. Moreover, it’s possible that there’s something that gets in your way. For example, an existing VPN connection. We recommend checking both to determine whether the issue is on your side.
  • The website is down. For example, if it seems that your connection is working perfectly, and you can’t access the platform from various devices, it’s clear that it doesn’t work. In such cases, we recommend waiting for some time since, usually, the modern and large websites aren’t down for long. If the issue persists, then we recommend contacting customer care service (
  • There are technical issues. The website is up, and your connection is working, but it’s still impossible to log in. First, we recommend checking whether you entered the correct credentials. If this seems to be the case, you can try contacting customer care service, there might be problems on the website’s side of things.

I Didn’t Receive Confirmation Message

As you can see in our tutorials, you must receive a confirmation message in your email during the registration procedure or when trying to recover a forgotten password. But sometimes, it doesn’t appear in your folders. What to do? Well, first things first, we recommend checking that you provided the correct email address. If everything lines up, it’s time to check your spam folder since there’s always a chance that the email ended there. If you don’t find it over there, then it’s time to contact the customer care service of the platform.


How long does the verification process take?
The company doesn’t state the exact timing, but we can guess that it shouldn’t take longer than a day or two since this is pretty much the standard.
Can I immediately proceed and deposit after registering my account?
Can I register a new account from the Mobile App if I already have a Stake account?
No, you can’t register multiple accounts. This is against the company’s rules. And, to be frank, this is a very common practice: no reliable platform would allow the players to use multiple accounts. But you can log into the same profile using the website’s mobile version.
Can I set up two-factor authentication at Stake?
Yes, the platform offers the ability to set 2FA to increase your level of security.
Can I use a VPN when opening an account with Stake?
Yes, the platform doesn’t prohibit using VPNs for joining, betting, or gambling.

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