Winning Strategies for Betting on Sportybet

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23 Sep 2023 (EDITED 20 May, 2024)
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Betting has become an integral part of the 21st century. Many people around the world have registered and bet on numerous bookmakers. Several sites have sprung up, and there are likely to be more in the future to feed this insatiable betting appetite. SportyBet is one of the already-established sites you can rely on to play and win. It has exciting markets for its countless clients and offers various betting opportunities. For more information, check out our detailed description of SportyBet Kenya.

Single Bet

A single bet is an excellent option for beginners as it is the easiest betting option. It is available both on the website and SportyBet app. To place a single bet:

How to Bet on SportyBet
A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Place a Bet on SportyBet
Visit SportyBet Website
Create an account in the system (check the guide on SportyBet registration). Log in to your account (the detailed instructions are in the article SportyBet login).
Surf Through the Options
Go to the Sports section. Find the discipline you need. Click on a specific event. On the event page, you will see all available betting markets. Single bets are at the very top of the list.
Finalize Your Choice
Select the desired option by clicking on it and entering the bet amount. Confirm the entered information and enjoy the game.
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30+ Sports To bet on
Go to Bet

How to Place a Bet in the App

Download the application in a convenient way, for example, by following the link from the official website or in the application store. After that:

How to Use SportyBet App for Betting
Step-by-Step guide on how to stake on SportyBet via the app
Take Your Phone
Create an account in the system (check the guide on SportyBet registration). Log in to your account (the detailed instructions are in the article SportyBet login).
Check and Choose Your Options
Go to the Sports section. Find the discipline you need. Click on a specific event. On the event page, you will see all available betting markets. Single bets are at the very top of the list.
Confirm Your Choice
Select the desired option by clicking on it and entering the bet amount. Confirm the entered information and enjoy the game.

Note that the version for Android devices below version 4 is available via a separate link on the official website.

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30+ Sports To bet on
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Placing Compound Bets

If you are an experienced player not interested in betting on a single outcome, you can dive into the exciting world of complex bets. Of course, such a game requires more profound knowledge, but it is more interesting.

Multi Bet

This type of betting involves the simultaneous fulfillment of several conditions. Placing such a bet is practically no different from single bets.

On the event page, go to the tab “Combo.” There you will be able to view the available multi-bets and choose the option that suits you best.

Users can make the following types of multi-bet:

  • 1X2 plus Over/Under: you have to guess the winner and, at the same time, predict whether the score is more or less the given number
  • 1X2 and GG/NG: you bet on the win of a particular team and indicate whether the teams will score 
  • Double Chance plus Over/Under: you predict several outcomes and bet for the number of goals more or less than the given number

You can find other multi-bet options on the specific event page. They may differ slightly depending on the type of game. However, the system always provides the maximum number of options.

Requirements and Conditions of the Bookmaker

To place a bet or register with SportyBet, you must be older than 18. Customers can register only one account. If the system identifies customers with multiple accounts, it can close or suspend any such account. SportyBet shall also have a right to withhold and/or retain any amounts, including potential bonuses and winnings.

Service only accepts bets made online (including via mobile device or downloadable applications on a mobile device). The service doesn’t take bets in any other form (post, email, fax, etc.) Such bets will be invalid and void — win or lose.

The customer is responsible for ensuring the details of their bets are correct. The user can’t cancel or change the bet once it is placed. SportyBet has the right to cancel any bet at its own discretion.

SportyBet reserves the right to decline all or part of any bet without further explanation. You place all bets at your own risk and discretion.

Match Cancellation, Postponement, and Waiver

Often in sports, there are cases of cancellation of matches or postponement of games. If the outcome of a game doesn’t have official confirmation, the service reserves the right to delay the settlement until official results are published. If a match is not completed or canceled, regardless of the reasons, all bets are canceled, and the funds return to the bettors.

How to Place a Winning Bet 

The basis of a successful bet is a correctly made prediction. The key to making correct soccer match predictions is to analyze matches and rely more on statistical results than luck. So let’s figure out how to predict the results of games correctly.

Continuous Learning

Knowledge of a sport is a definite plus. Still, it is unlikely that without constant monitoring of relevant statistics, it will be possible to win several deals with a bookmaker in a row. So try to keep abreast of the latest events and collect all possible information. Only relevant data will allow you to navigate the situation and forecast correctly.

Statistics and Analysis

It is something without which smart bets cannot exist. You can bet on sports correctly only if you have an up-to-date (I emphasize) idea of each team, its tasks, standings, motivation, the workload in the season, transfers, etc., depending on what kind of sport you are discussing. If it is unclear how an event could have happened when an outsider beat the favorite, we watch the match, at least the main points, to understand the reason.

Correct Bets with Correct Odds Selection

Understanding the types of betting is a must. Their correct application is not specified. You can’t put a minus handicap on the favorite if it is tired, has a bad series of games, or the leading players are injured. It is better to bet positively on the underdog. You can’t underestimate the leader’s rival — once a year, the stick shoots, so when analyzing one, we definitely look at the current performance of the other.

Proper Distribution of Finances

There can be no 100% passes. Never. It means that by betting on the entire bank, we deliberately risk achieving a complete collapse. To correctly distribute money in a bet, consider the strategy that you have chosen for yourself. It does not even say that we divide into four parts. The question is to learn first to be content with little, betting from 1% to 5%. Let the thoughtful bet be better with large odds and a small amount than vice versa.

How to Win the SportyBet Jackpot 

The jackpot is a great opportunity to win a large amount quickly. SportyBet offers you to correctly predict the results of 12 events in the selection.

To participate in the draw, you need to register on the platform and select one of the events offered by the system. The minimum bet is 50 KES. If you correctly predict the results of all games from the list, you will get the jackpot. Users who guessed 10 or 11 results also receive prizes.

Go to the jackpot page and place your bets. You can bet on several possible outcomes of the same event. Each additional bet is also 50 KES.

To participate in the weekly jackpot, you need to place your bets before 17:00 Saturday at Kenya time. Don’t be afraid to miss the deadline. The timer on the jackpot page always shows the remaining time.

On Monday morning, the service publishes match results on the same page. Check them, and you will know if your bet has paid off. If one of the events was canceled or rescheduled for more than knocks, the system counts this bet as a winning one.

Winners of the SportyBet Jackpot get the following prizes:

  • 30% of the prize fund is received by the user who correctly guessed all the combinations
  • 40% of the remaining amount is distributed among users with 11 correct predictions
  • 50% is divided equally among the players who made 10 correct predictions

If multiple matches from the selection are canceled, the system will cancel bets and refund money to players.

Players can take advantage of the Jackpot Rush option. In this case, the system will automatically generate bids for all selected events. Such bets are held at the standard price of 50 KES. You can place an unlimited number of bets. 

How to Withdraw Your Winnings

After winning, you can get your money in the following way:

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Withdraw Money From SportyBet
Visit the SportyBet Website
Click on “My Account.” In the menu, choose the “Withdraw” option.
Indicate and Verify the Contact Data
Type in the account details and recheck them. Put the sum.
Complete the Operation
Confirm your transfer and wait for the money.

Your money will be sent to your M-Pesa account right away after this procedure.

Where possible, all withdrawals will be processed to the payment account from which the deposits were made. Withdrawal payments can only be made in the name of and to the registered account holder.

If you have yet to wage the deposit in full, the system may charge a commission to compensate for the costs associated with replenishing the account and withdrawing money. It is best to withdraw funds after wagering is complete.

Fees for Withdrawal

An additional Carrier Fee of KES 15.00 will be applied if the withdrawal amount is less than KES 500.

If you withdraw less than 500 KES, the system assigns an additional fee of KES 15.00. Also, the commission must be paid by users who did not win back the deposit before withdrawing funds. In this way, SportyBet compensates for all the costs of maintaining your account. During this operation, the system reduces the account respectively.


The service does not pay taxes on user winnings. The player receives the full amount. You are responsible for reporting your winnings and losses to the tax and/or other authorities in your jurisdiction.


SportyBet is an excellent platform for Kenyan players. It provides ample opportunities for betting, including betting on ongoing events, and offers nice bonuses and odds. For lovers of mobile devices, there is an application for Android and iOS. The apparent advantage of the service is a quick registration, immediately after which you can replenish your account and start betting. In addition, the platform is officially licensed and completely legal. Players in Kenya should definitely take advantage of this resource.


Is SportyBet available in Kenya?
SportyBet is currently available in Kenya as well as in Ghana, Nigeria, and Zambia.
What is the minimum bet amount at SportyBet in Kenya?
The minimum bet amount for each order is the relevant value defined below based on the currency of the user’s account: KES 1.
Which bank supports SportyBet?
Currently, deposits and withdrawals are processed through the M-Pesa system. Thus, the service does not work directly with banks. You can use any of the channels supported by the M-Pesa system to make financial transactions.
Does SportyBet charge for withdrawal?
The service applies the additional fee only if the withdrawal amount is less than KES 500. Note that carrier fees apply when processing the withdrawals. If you have questions about charges, contact the support service for assistance and tell them the SportyBet ticket ID.
How long does it take for SportyBet to pay?
The service transfers funds immediately after confirming the withdrawal. Thus, the user can receive money immediately. However, payment systems impose their own limitations. They may take time to process payments. Usually, the term for crediting funds does not exceed 24 hours.

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