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22 Sep 2023 (EDITED 26 April, 2024)
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Bookmakers give bonuses to attract new customers and to maintain hold of current ones. SportyBet Kenya is no exception, offering a range of perks for sports betting. In this article, we’ll review SportyBet Kenya’s various perks and discuss how to benefit from them.

Active Bonuses on SportyBet

Unfortunately, there are no current bonuses accessible at SportyBet at the time this article was written. It’s essential to remember that SportyBet updates its content and promotions frequently, so new promotions might become accessible in the future. It is advised to regularly check the bookmaker’s website or get in touch with its customer support team to stay informed of the most recent details on perks and promotions provided by the bookie. You may catch a fresh promo offer, such as a SportyBet registration bonus or a SportyBet jackpot.

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SportyBet Bonus Rules

SportyBet Bonus Rules

Keep in mind that each offer that SportyBet Kenya provides has its own terms and conditions. These rules are intended to guarantee the perks are applied fairly and to stop the abuse. Check the minimal stake, deposit, and odds before getting any promotions.

How to Get Bonuses on SportyBet

The sportsbook provides perks, such as welcome rewards, free bets, and Rafiki gifts. You must be a regular user of the platform and meet the requirements outlined by the bookmaker in order to get these rewards.

Bonuses for Newcomers

The best method for new punters to get promotions at SportyBet is to register on the platform. By making a deposit, you are accessible for the “Welcome Bonus,” which you can receive 100%. 

Bonuses for Existing Consumers

Punters who already use SportyBet Kenya have many chances to get rewards like free bets and Rafiki gifts. It’s essential to continue using the platform if you want to obtain these perks. Your sports betting experience can be improved with extra benefits and offers.

Betting Bonuses

Sportybet Betting Bonuses

Free bets, deposit perks, cashback, and other benefits can all be used as betting perks. Rewards are a great method to increase the value of your sports betting.

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First Deposit

An offer given by bookmakers to new customers to open an account and make their first deposit is known as a First Deposit bonus. This kind of perk usually gives a reward that can be used to make bets on the platform.

Rules of First Deposit

The first deposit bonus can only be claimed once per account, and accounts with the same IP address and password will be regarded as belonging to the same user and will not be permitted to reclaim the reward. Only users who deposit money into their accounts within the first six months of creating an account are eligible for the first deposit bonus.

How to get and Use First Deposit Perk

Consumers must make a single deposit of KES 100, 200, 300, or 500 to receive the SportyBet registration bonus. Then, they will receive free bets worth 300% of the first deposit to use on the platform. Punters should make a single deposit in order to use the first deposit bonus. The account will be credited with free bets, which can be used to wager on sports events with odds higher than 3.15. One free bet bonus may only be used per bet slip, and users may view the offer’s validity status in the “Gifts” section.

How to Withdraw the Bonuses

How to Withdraw the Sportybet Bonuses

Bonuses cannot be withdrawn as real money because they are usually used to place bets. Benefits are provided to improve the sports wagering experience and give more chances to win. If you placed a wager on an event and won, you can use M-Pesa to transfer your winnings from SportyBet’s account to your balance.

SportyBet Loyalty Program

SportyBet Loyalty Program

Customers can enjoy the benefits of using the SportyBet platform thanks to the loyalty program, which is intended to offer an improved sports betting experience. The sportsbook provides an extensive loyalty program to reward its customers for continued engagement and support. Customers have plenty of opportunities to earn extra promotions and rewards through program activities like inviting friends to join.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Bookmaker bonus programs, such as SportyBet Kenya’s, give consumers various incentives and perks for using the platform. These perks do, however, have some limitations and restrictions. The followings are the benefits and drawbacks of the bookmaker’s promotion program:

  • Bonus Updates
  • Loyalty Program
  • Increased Chances of Winning
  • Sometimes perks are not accessible

To use perks effectively and to your benefit, it’s crucial to understand the terms and conditions of each offer fully.


SportyBet Kenya is a fantastic sports betting platform that offers its consumers an array of bonuses and rewards. In addition, the bookmaker has a loyalty program that provides chances to gain extra perks and rewards. Although there might not be any active bonuses accessible at the time this article was written, SportyBet frequently changes its promos and content, so new promotions might become usable in the future.

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How do I get my free bonus on SportyBet?
Make the first deposit, and you’ll get free bets.
How do I redeem my Sporty bonus?
Meet the bookmaker’s requirements and follow instructions for the specific bonus you wish to claim.
Can I withdraw the Sports bonus?
No, you can only place bets on events using the perks.
How do I check my bonus on SportyBet?
Open the SportyBet platform, go to the “Account”, and find the “Gifts” section.
What is the prize pool on SportyBet Jackpot?
The SportyBet jackpot prize pool is more than 10 million KES.
Can I bet with my bonus?
Yes, you can use free bets to bet on events.
Who won the highest money in SportyBet?
Alexander Mutua won 1 million KES.

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